The Site has over 50,000 pages of racing information within three clicks of the front  page.

Local racing is what we are about.

We have News & Results from every state.  We have over 250,000 racing photos. We have new Features every week.  We have FREE Classifieds and Links to 100's of local racing sites. On some tracks we have stories on over 200 race car drivers. If we don't have your track and drivers we want them, but we need help.

Check the site out. Any ideas you have for doing a better job of covering and  promoting local racing would be welcome.

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Help Wanted

We want to cover ALL local racing that is why we need help!  We don't have enough help in your area.

Do you want to see better coverage of  YOUR tracks and drivers?

I am in Luv with local racing and the people in it. Our Saturday night people are racing for Luv, not money. There are more of us Saturday Night People than Sunday afternoon dudes. We started to recognize all local Racers not just the Top Dogs. We want to recognize your local drivers. but we need your help.

We have 100,s of tracks and 1000's of drivers with coverage is 12 years old. We have built a racing history at many tracks.

If you are interested in helping Click on the link below 

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