Scott Cross


Scott is 39 years old and from Stevensville Md.  He races late models  home track is Hagerstown. He also runs with  the Stars.

Scott was a drag racer and he got tired of having his tools stolen. So in 1988 he bought a late model. He won his first race in a last model in 1992 at Delaware International raceway. In 1995 and 96 he won the track championship at Potomac raceway.

The car is a GRT with a Russell Baker Advanced racing engine.

Dale Earnhardt is his racing hero. 

The thrill of racing for Scott is winning.

Scott has won several BIG races including the B main at the Dirt Track World Championships, the Vernon Harris Memorial, The Hoosier Mid Atlantic Race of Champions, and Qualifying for the Winter National at East Bay.

The goal is to have fun and not get hurt. The goal for 2002 is to be the Stars Rookie of the Year.

Mike Cross, Scott Jr. (son) Bruce Cane, and Joe Butts is the car owner.

Quote: "Go fast turn left and don't hit the wall."









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