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Oct 6  2008

Report for  the week

Another big week 403,742 accesses. Keep the posts going.  Using the LuvRacin name I send you on posts is important because it will keep LuvRacin in front of people and if we all use it they will see how many of us there is.

This weeks feature is

The PRI preview. Photos from past PRI shows. Lets all post it and talk about it on the boards. We get a free room that sleeps 4 if we sell 25 rooms so lets try to get behind this. We have a great rate $89 at the Ramada lets get every one to book thier rooms through LuvRacin.com.

Now is the time to market the site.

We have ads on the PRI Preview page  of people that have helped us through the year. We can sell ads on the page. $299 for the display (Jeffs ad)$224 for the Performance Tees ad and $199 for  an ad the size of the PRI button. You get half.

Now is the time to start planning how to make the site better any ideas you have let me know.

LuvRacin and You