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Sept 29  2008

Report for  the week

Well the last News Letter I sent was 6-1 and it read.

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH we did it 507,000 accesses to the site in one week. This was the largest week we ever had. The last week of May last year was the largest week of the year. Not only did we break last years record but we did it by 85,000 accesses

Thanks to everyone for helping make local racing better and exposing it to more people across the USA


This weeks news letter reads

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH we broke the record again. 581,974 accesses to the site. Post ups work.  A year ago  the same week we had, 340,399 so the increase was only 241 575


Tuesday the 23 was the biggest day we have ever had with 132,120 accesses to the site. Friday was the 26 was even bigger with 149,601 accesses.  

Lots of good coverage and lots of Post ups.  Thanks for all who have helped build this site with coverage and post ups. I can't tell you all how much in awe I am of what you all have built.