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Jan.  2008

Hey all kinds of news! LuvRacin.com is moving its base to Texas. Lots of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana tracks to cover. This will expand LuvRacin.com half again. Oct 27 is the move date. Try to get every thing sent in this week so we will get it before the move. Then hold what you do till we get squared away with a new office and addresses.

We need to know your plans for next year please let me know.

PRI and Daytona Rooms

We got the best deal. If you know someone who is going tell them or send them this link.  The link is on our Special events page.


Cher has a Business Card deal you need to look at. $59 for 1000, full color, both sides. $69 for 5000    If she sets them up she gets $55.


Site Accesses for Last Week                        277,273

Site Accesses  a year ago last week were.     239,389

Increase for the week                                      37,884

For those that need Numbers for there Customers you could use these.


Special Package for June Classifieds  We have three to sell


You can show them the Zoom ad so they will know what their ad will be like

Fall and winter is the biggest time for classifieds. In the last two weeks we have had ads from CO, OR TX, TN, KY, AL, WI, IN, MO, OK, MS, MO, AL ,PA ,IL,  VA, KS, NY, NC, GA, SC,. 21 in tow weeks. This would make a great ad for business that wany only racers and want to get out across the USA. The price is $499 for a quarter.  $1499 for the year.  we can work with $299 down and $100 per month on a year contract. $299 discount if they have a USA business listing.

We have a package with and add on the classifieds. An USA business listing ad, $250 value, and ad on their state business listing $150 value, one Special Events ad value $350, and two local track ads value $600.     $2895 value for $1995!!!! 

Commission on this package is $795

We can work with $ 295 setup and $170 month.

If  you need my help call. 843-319-7054 

LuvRacin and you