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WOW New Year already. Who is ready to go racin. LarrE and Tom Botos covered races on New Years day. I will bet LarrE in SC was warmer than Tom in IN.

We are getting ready for the winternationals and will send out information on ads Monday. Big Mac, LarrE, Cher, and my self are going. If any one else is going let me know so we can get credentials early.

Making plans and scheduling thing gets confusing with so many great people helping. I need some information from everyone.  I need to know #1 if you get this letter so I know my list is working and up to date with everyone's email. Everyone should be able to get everyone email address off the top. I don't think I am sending it blind copy.

#2    I need to know about how many races you plan to cover this year.

#3 I need to know what bulletin boards you are posting on and each person could do 10 boards.

The boards build the viewership for everyone, and are key for our growth goal. The goal is to double the viewership


We are so lucky with the net. We can expose local racing across the country. No other form of media can do this. Broadcast media is limited by time. There are only 24 hrs in a day and the program comes on at 8:00  pm watch it, take it, or miss it.

Print media is limited by space. Editors are whacking everyone articles,  and you seldom get a complete run down of what happened and who finished where. You might see 3 or 4 photos from an event.

Both are limited by distribution, how far you can deliver the paper and how far the TV signal will go.

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, when you want to view the event. We do not edit what you send.  We can do 100's of photos of an event. We distribute world wide, instantly.  We have about 80 accesses from New Zeeland each week.

And last but not least we are recording racing history. LuvRacin.com covered races and drivers in 2000.  If February we will be 10 years old. The events that we have covered would of been lost if you had not covered it. Think about it. We have more racing history here than any place else in the world.

YOU have made LuvRacin.com the largest  website dedicated to local weekly racing.  583,000 accesses to the site the first week of  October.

We need your ideas of how to do things better and how to expose the  sport more. 

We want to thank you for all you have done. If we can help you in any way please let us know.

Roger Bathe Editor