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Dec 18 ,2007

Great time for sales. People are planning their new year and budget. Many people work in 1/4 so we can be in their first 1/4 budget.  

You should know what you are going to sell before you make the first call.

Here are three products we are Offering this week

USA Racing Parts and Service page  (Biz Listing)           $250 for the year              $75


Dealers Only  Page   For companies seeking dealers         $ 299 Now till April           $100


Classifieds                                                                        $ 1800 for the year            $600

                                                                                          $499 for the 1/4                 $150

                                                                                          $150 mo to continue           $ 50  Mo.



Remember LOCAL race car sponsors will lead you to the big  money ads.

If  you need my help call. 843-319-7054 

LuvRacin and you