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April 2 2007

Let's welcome the William Twiddy  from NC. He is also known as Red Clay Rebel on many bulletin boards in the Southeast.

We will be traveling to FL to work with Cher McMillen Thurs. and Fri. if this week.

Site Accesses for Last Week                         360,535

Site Accesses  a year ago last week were.     292,622

Post ups on Local Bulletin Boards help viewership grow. It will also help you become better known.  This will help you with both coverage and sales

Special Package for April

We have a package to include and ad on the classified page. The classified page is growing and I believe this year we will get a front page rating with Google. We have ads from 26 different states on our classifieds in the last month.

The package includes a year on the Classifieds page $1200 value. A USA business listing ad, $250 value, and ad on their state business listing $150 value, and one Special Events ad value $350.     $1950 value for $1500 

Commission on this package is $500

We can work with $ 300 setup and $100 month.

If  you need my help call. 843-319-7054 

LuvRacin and you