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May 21 2007


Site Accesses for Last Week                        355,723

Site Accesses  a year ago last week were.     320,127

Note: We need some help. Due to the volume of photos and Bios we need some help getting them organized and in on time.

Photos:  When you go to the track we need three things.

1. All the photos you took to go in the Smugmug.

2. If its your first visit to the track we need photos for Trackside Photos. They need to be sent separate with Trackside photos in the subject line.

    1. Entrance with sign

    2. View of speedway as you enter.

    3. Where you buy your ticket.

    4. Turn 4

    5.  Turn 1

    6.  Over all photo of track from grandstands

    7.   Where you buy your pit pass

    8-9. Track shots from where you cross the track each direction.

    10. View of Grandstands

    11. People in the grandstands.

    12.  Flagman with the checkered flag.


3. We need the photos for the drivers stories. These photos need to be cropped and sized 600 pixels wide.  They need to be sent on Monday, with the name of the track and the date  and the word drivers in the subject line. The bios  sheets need to be mailed on MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!! This will help us schedule help to get the bios up before the next weekend.

Do not send a photo for a driver you do not have a bio for.

If  you need my help call. 843-319-7054 

LuvRacin and you