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June 5 2007

Check the access for last week. 157,547  increase over a year ago. Pat your self's on the back. We got a great team doing great work!. Last Monday  we had over 110,000 accesses breaking the Dale Jr  record day.

Cher has a Business Card deal you need to look at. $59 for 1000, full color, both sides. $69 for 5000    If she sets them up she gets $55.

Everyone should call 5 people this week, and see if they would like to be on our interviews on dirt.


Is a link to the page. Kasey Kahne goes up today. Mike Duvall the Flintstone Flyer winner of over 1000 feature races will be our next subject.  You can show them the Zoom ad so they will know what thier ad will be like



Site Accesses for Last Week                        428,855

Site Accesses  a year ago last week were.     271,308


Special Package for June  Interview on Dirt

We have a package to include and ad on the Interview on Dirt page. This is a new page and grow as we promote it.  The first day of the Dale interview we had the biggest one day access to our site. We had 105,000 accesses in one day. 

The package includes a year on the Interview on Dirt page $1200 value. A USA business listing ad, $250 value, and ad on their state business listing $150 value, and one Special Events ad value $350.     $1950 value for $1500!!!! 

Commission on this package is $500

We can work with $ 300 setup and $100 month.

If  you need my help call. 843-319-7054 

LuvRacin and you