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Goals for LuvRACIN.com 2008.


1.      To be self supporting and profitable.

A.     Be active in 30 State markets in sales

B.     To have 12  Reps consistently selling each week.

C.    Personal Sales Program for Self and each Rep


2.      Double our viewership and growth rate

A.     Increase Viewership at the tracks we are covering

B.     Be active in 30 States with 25 Reps working tracks

C.    Co-op Advertising in 100 Markets

D.    150 new tracks reporting



3.      Development of New Markets

A.     Drag Racing

B.     Sports Car Racing

C.    Go Kart Racing

D.    Motorcycle Racing

E.     Canada Racing



Long Term Goals For LuvRACIN.com


1.       100% of tracks covered by end of 2009

2.       Profitable cash flow from each by the end of 2010

3.       Promote Racing and its Participants in a positive way

4.       Inform the public in the easiest and simple way.

5.       To be accepted as the Best in Local Racing

6.       To be the easiest site to use.

7.       Build the reconigation and awareness of LuvRacin.com and its logo