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Danielle Daniels  #18


My name is Danielle Daniels, and I love racing!

     It's my life! I race a bomber at Thunderbird Speedway in Crandall Texas.  It was my dream to be a racecar driver ever since I was 14. At age 16 I was racing after 2 years of my own family telling me I'd never get into it.  They said it was too dangerous and that I needed to get it out of my head.  But I didn't care, I had done made up my mind that I was going to race. 

      During those 2 years I went through very hard times.  My mom got bone cancer and passed away when I was 15.  Then 8 months later my papa got cancer and passed away too.  Racing was the only thing that kept me going through all of that.  My dad saw how much I LOVED RACING and got me a racecar after my papa's passing.  I got into the season with 7 races left.  Never even driven or rode in a racecar before, my first night to race I went out there never once being nervous or having butterflies.  I came in 6th out of about 19 cars that night. 

      I know it may not be the best thing to not be a little nervous before going out there...but I don't see how something I love so much can make me scared.  On the last race of the season, the track was very dry slick.  Someone ended up getting into me in turn 4 and threw me into the wall head on.  Then I got hit again in the rear end and threw the backend of my car against the wall.  So my car's now facing the opposite direction into head on traffic.  Then I had a little explosion under the car from my dip stick getting knocked out and caught fire from my exhaust.  This fire traveled up under my hood and back inside the car with me.  I was watching my hands sit in fire for about two seconds then it went out.  I immediately got out of the car and walked away from the wreck.  The ambulance was trying to get me to go get checked out because they had seen me hit the wall and said they thought I was unconscious at first and there was no way I could have walked away from that.  My neck went forward so hard that my neck brace was the only thing that saved my life.  Then everyone told me I would be sore the next day but I never was.

     I have been playing softball since I was in the forth grade so I'm in very good shape.  I also thing that's why I didn't get hurt that night.  Now, my second season of racing, I've won two heat races and my best finish has been 3rd in a feature.  It's now my dream to get into Busch Racing.  Before you laugh and throw this away, PLEASE hear me out.  I know and understand that asphalt, Busch and dirt track racing are all very different.  I am a very fast learner and I believe if it's in your heart to do something and you love it as much as I do, a lot of it comes natural.  I still learn something new every weekend of my own racing.  I aint trying to be no big spot light attention attraction.  I love the sport and its all I want to do. 

     I believe before you can be well known or get respect from other people, you have to first pay your respect and dues.  After I hit the wall, I walked away from it (mainly from frustration) and was ready to get right back out there for the big show that was in 2 weeks from that night.  I got respect from the other drivers in my class and the fans in the stands.  The more seat time I had the better my finishes were getting.  Just recently we had autograph nigh and I took 40 pictures of me and my car thinking that was more than enough.  Before our autograph time was up I had ran out of pictures! I signed shirts, flags, books, just tons and tons of things! I was the last car getting back in the pits because the line at my car kept growing.

     I have experienced so much this last season of 23 races, (not including all of the rainouts we got).  I had to race my heat and A main one night with no power steering at all!  My power steering pump had broke and kept snapping the belts I was putting on it.  So I took off the power steering belt and ended up finishing 5th out of 24 cars in my feature race.  I've had my rear end weld break right before my race and I ended up finishing 9th out of 17 cars that night.  Also, two races this season I've had someone get into me and cut my rear tire on the last lap.  But I still held my spot and finished strong. 

     On October 27, 2007 at the Halloween Showdown in Crandall at my home track, my throttle was hanging and we just could not figure out why.  My dad didn't' want me going out there racing with the car like that, but I wasn't going to quit.  I started the race second row out side and sure enough starting off going into turn 1 I let off the gas, and the car was still going full throttle.  Thinking fast I reached up and turned off the car.  Once I came out of the turn I flipped the switch back on and sure enough the throttle was still hanging wide open.  I finished out the race by killing the car in the turns and turning it back on for the straight a ways.  Luckily there were no cautions and I ended up placing 4th.  I just couldn't stand not being able to race for any reason. I've missed my own older sisters baby shower, many homecoming dances, my Junior and Senior prom, and softball games because I was not going to miss a race.

     Please consider having me drive for you in Busch racing.  Maybe not right now but possibly in the next 2-3 years.  I'm determined to get there somehow, that's why I'm writing you now.  I'd love to talk this out in person but I'm taking baby steps, working my way up to it.  If you would please get back with me about this, here is my number, address and e-mail.


Danielle Daniels
1404 Candise Ct.
Mesquite Tx 75149

 Phone (972) 998-2139

Phone (972) 998-2139




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