Fred Cogsdill at Laurens Speedway told me once  “Rog you go to too many races. You forget what its like to be a fan, and what a fans wants at the races.”   I was saying that I would like to get the races over in time for me to get home and see the weather.  When Bob Sargent ran Macon Speedway you could be home in time to see the weather on TV.  “If you went to the races one night a week and that was you night out and we sent you home at 10 pm two things would happen. #1 you would feel cheated that you did not get your money’s worth, and #2 you would go somewhere else to drink your beer and not be drinking mine.”


Several parts of the country doing really well with racing and several suffering. Richie Webb at Macon closed the track, he did a good job with car count but said “the crowd was not there. Bob Sargent is looking for someone to buy the track and run it next year. I think it might be a good deal for someone who can sell the sponsorships to races up front.

Charlie Depew closed Fayette County Speedway in Brownstown Illinois early.  Riverside Speedway in SC will run its last race in Oct. A developer made an offer that could not be resisted. Crowds were good and so were the car counts.   Let me know how things are in your part of the country.


Crates Crates Crates  This is the fastest growing part of  racing at the moment. $ 20,000 to purse at Carolina Speedway Gastonia NC for Fastrak. $250,000 for their points Three big races for their Nationals. Atomic speedway on Oct 19 , Oct 20 Riverside SC and the Final Oct 21 Lancaster Speedway SC.  I just went to an ASA Latemodel race and they were running a $5500. Some of the teams I talked to were on there second year on the same engine. 25-30 shows per year. The fastest growing class in the IMCA is there Sports mod  class with a 360 limit. The  GM crates are winning most races.


Curt Calvin of the Indy Star wrote


NASCAR has seen decreases at 26 of its 28 races this season. The exceptions: the Daytona 500 and the April race at Martinsville, Va


Andrew Gurtis, who used to be the head guy at Darlington, now ISC's managing director of operational planning and integration, said his company supports USAC's direction in long track open wheel. It bears noting that ISC's former chairman, Bill France, encouraged USAC to overhauled the series with new cars capable of running on ISC's speedways.

Since showing off two prototype cars at this NASCAR event here last year, USAC ran five of its races on ISC tracks, including two on Nextel Cup weekends. Helmling said Darlington (S.C.) Speedway is expected to be on next year's schedule, pending a successful test, possibly followed by a race at California Speedway in 2008.


I talked to Cathy at Darlington and she said they were trying to get the test  scheduled. We will have photos when tt do you think , can open wheels run on the big tracks? Will the stock car people pick up on them?


Well racing is winding down, especially in the North. Here in SC it’s hard to figure out just where you want to go. Last weekend there was $4000 to win at Dublin in NC on Friday and a $20,000 show at Carolina for Crate Lates.  Saturday was the Clash in Fayetteville NC, the Stick Elliott at Cherokee Speedway in SC and a $20,000 show at Riverside. So where do you go?  Not only are we still running but its warm. Still in tee shirts at night or a light jacket for us older people. I remember the frosty nights at Macon Il. 80-90 degrees in the day sweating when you are loading the car.  Flat freezing to death if you did not take a sweatshirt and heavy jacket.  You would have to round up the kid’s jackets also or they would take yours and you would be freezing.  I have been to Sun Prairie WI Labor day and the dew was so heavy that both you and the track were. Totally Soaked! What is the weather like where you race?



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