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If you guys could help me get this info out I would sure appreciate it!  We are putting all the chips in the middle on this deal and really need the word to get out.  I think its over the top enough to be news worthy in racing land.

Thanks a bunch!  Hope to see ya'll throughout the year,

Greg Cooper
Grayson County Speedway


First we want to start by thanking each and every one of you for making 2010 one of the most succesfull years in GCS history. Great car counts, Great spectator counts and one hell of a good show week in and week out. We see no reason why attendance wont continue to rise as word gets out in the community about what we are doing and what an awesome show goes on every Sat night. With the support of you, our many new sponsors, and the surrounding race fans, we feel that we can offer the following package for the 2011 race year.

It is ambitious, it is expensive, and some might call it nuts, but in a time when many tracks are raising pit prices, having trouble staying open and losing consumers, we are taking the initiative to move forward, help the racers, and ensure increased attendance. We will push through the tough economic times and ensure that 37 years of racing wasn't a fluke. Welcome to 2011, the year things got even better at GCS.

We will need your help to pull this off. We need your neighbors, your coworkers and your relatives to pack the stands every night. We also need the racers in big numbers to help out. So make some calls, invite your buddies that havn't been racing, Help someone fix a car. WE ARE A TEAM!

1.Pay one pit pass race for free all year!

A.Drivers pay the standard $25 on first night.
B.For the remainder of the year, driver who raced the previous night gets in for free!
C.Miss a week, pay when you get back and you’re free until you miss again!
D.This is a free $625.00 in your pocket!
E.This will not apply to big shows.
F.If you are dq’d for the night for behavior of yourself or crew you will pay the returning week.
G.1 driver, racing multiple cars, pays 1 pit pass for additional car.
H.This is based on your great support last year. GCS reserves the right to cancel policy.

2.More rewards for attendance

A.We will buy a trophy for everyone who races 80% or more of the held events.
B.If that’s 1 per class that’s what we will buy, if that’s 25 per class then we buy 25.
C.If you run an IMCA class and run 80% of our events we will reimburse your IMCA license!
D.Perfect attendance receives GCS jacket.

3.GCS will sponsor your race team!

A.Cover your rear panel or left side quarter with “Follow me to Grayson County Speedway” and carry an 16” by 8” GCS oval logo on your passenger side to receive $20 bonus every time you place top 4! Classes with less than 10 cars will pay $5.
B.Have the sticker of your choosing 12” x 18” minimum on the back window of your tow vehicle for a chance to win one of 3 cash rewards every race night. On nights with over 70 cars racing, we will randomly pay out a $20, $40, and $75 cash prize by drawing names of those with the sticker. Be creative. Must include “Grayson County Speedway”, “Saturday Night” and “Bells, Tx”.
Examples “I risk my life every Sat at Grayson County Speedway in Bells TX. Come Cheer for me!” “On Saturdays I’m the villain at Grayson County Speedway in Bells TX” “Come watch me get screwed this Saturday at Grayson County Speedway in Bells TX” ……you get the point. Have fun, advertise, and get paid!

4.Championship Pay! ALL CLASSES PAY THE SAME!

A.Top 5 in points will receive Championship Pay at end of season
Average nightly class car count in your class times $100.00 = total class pay out.
Champion gets 50%, 2nd gets 20%, 3rd gets 15%, 4th gets 10%, 5th gets 5%
Example 20 car average- Champion gets $1000, 2nd gets $400, 3rd gets $300, 4th gets $200, 5th gets $100

First weekend of April is the target. No sence in battling the weather or in stretching the season longer for racers budgets.

Registration forms can be printed from here

Send checks/money orders with completed forms to
Grayson County Speedway
328 Arapaho West
Sherman Tx 75092

Early registration will be $30 per car and $30 per parking spot. Must be recieved( not mailed) by Feb 28th.
Standard registration will be $35 per car and $35 per spot if recieved on or after Mar 1st.

Numbers and parking spots will be isued on a first come first serve basis. Please give us alternates for numbers if you didn't race with us last year. We will take all parking requests into consideration. Spots and numbers from last year will be held through Mar 15th only.






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