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Dec. 19 2010

Itís a new track record.  I have said for years that one of the reasons of the demise of Indy cars was the fact that there was NO New Track Records. People want to see something that no one has seen before. Itís not just the speed.  The track used to get 200,000 people on Pole Day. It exposed many non racing people to the sport. People anticipating a New Track Record showed up in record numbers.  One of the most thrilling days of my racing life was when Jim Hurtibise in the Travelon Trailer Special ran 149.601 on a bump Sunday at Indy.  I was there.  I was part of history.  People want to be a part of history.

Who could forget Parnelli Jonesís run at 150 MPH. Itís impossible they said. Centrifugal force will not allow it. The car will fly off the track. And record crowds showed up and watched Parnelli become racing history. 

So when Izod Indy Series CEO Randy Bernard announced at the PRI show that they were working on how to do it, and wanted it to happen, at the 100 year Celebration, it gave me hope for Indy car racing. I have not had hope for many years.  Thank YOU  

Now if you guys would ad racers from each form of racing, like it was in the old days, Indy could recover. People say itís the foreign drivers and I disagree. We have always had foreign drivers from the start, and we welcomed them. But what we have lost is the nucleus of racing across the USA. Racing, NASCAR and Indy wants to crate personalities from the top. In the old days racers built their fan base and then brought the fan base to Indy. 

We had hot rodders like Mickey Thompson. Drag racers like Danny Ongious.  Sprint car drivers, Midget drivers, Super Modified drivers. Drivers from Texas, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and drivers from the south and NASCAR all together for the Greatest Spectacle  in Racing.

Put Scott Bloomquist in an Indy car and you will get 500,000 instant sets turned on. Have John Force slip down in one of those cars and see how many people show up.


        Jerry Gossel shoots Sprint all over the country. With lots of snow on the ground in CO he was looking for things to shoot. He found a RC sprint race in Northglenn  CO.   The Goose, as he is known in the sprint car world, told me it was the toughest shoot he ever did.  ďQuick Quick Quick , those little suckers are Quick!Ē Check out Jerryís work on the writers and photographers page. Flyin with the Goose. 

NASCAR had troubles this year with ticket sales and TV ratings. The WoO Sprints played to several Standing Room only shows across the country. So I donít think it was all economy as it had been blamed on. 

The WoO Sprints, and SuperDirt big block mods both replaced their PR guys. Tony Veneziano took over the WoO Sprints when Ted Johnson sold the series, and quite frankly I doubted he could replace Richard Day one of my all time favorites. But he did and he did a great job, and gave much help to   Good luck to Tony where ever he lands, someone will get a great guy.  Tom Skibinski was with Dirt before they were Dirt.  He was doing PR before I started Have always liked the way he made sure the Drivers were promoted and exposed. Lots of work from Tom  in the NE. Both of these guys have done so much for racing over the years  Thanks to both of you.





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