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Tony Stewart Shook Things Up


October 4, 2011


Tony Stewart put a smile on most dirt track racers faces by winning the first two races in the chase. Itís a team sport for sure but the driver has to be the leaderÖand in this case Tonyís not only the driver but also the owner.  He shook things up!  One thing about Tony is heíll tell you the way it is.  If the owner of my team said we donít deserve to be in the chase -- I think Iíd better pick it up or Iím going to be there.  You also have to remember this team is only three years old, and they have a good chance of winning the Nascar Championship.

The local buzz was all about Troy Taylorís run at the World Dirt Track Championship at Texas Motor Speedway.  He went to the top, he didnít give up, and he MADE it work.  Itís fun to watch!  You can see it on YouTube. 

Saturday night: Super Bowl Speedway in Greenville, Texas.  James had the track super tacky; itís always fun to go there.   This track is the closest thing to Illinois or Indiana track conditions in all of Texas. Three wide - but you gotta run the topÖgood car counts and they ask everybody to move over, so people were still coming to the races at 10:30 at night. 

Wayne and James went to Paris Saturday night.  Paris has one of the most beautiful facilities in the state of Texas.  Donnie Shipp edged out RJ Stroman for the Track Championship up there.  Battle went down to the last night.  I would really like to see more promotion and more support for that track because thatís a great facility.   Looking forward to great year next year cause David Hill sure runs a good track. 

Scoot Bloomquist and his cars continue to dominate the Late Model Series across the country.    








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