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$10,000 Christmas! 


10,000 dollars was a great Christmas present for many racers at Grayson County Speedway.  Grayson County held their annual banquet and passed out 10,000 in cash and prizes. Greg and Rena Cooper said this was their most successful year and that their program of free racing for the drivers was a success. Greg asks that everybody try to make new fans.  We all love the sport and we al want to see it flourish and there’s a real simple way that could happen.  If everyone that’s at the race track would just make one new fan next year…it’d double the grandstands and double the people in the pits. Such a simple deal: one fan in a whole year?  You know they’re gonna get addicted if they go. So get somebody to go to the race track.  

There are other places in the country that are starting to adopt Greg’s program of free racing for the drivers.  New Egypt Speedway in New Jersey will begin the program next year.  I had several promoters at the PRI show ask me about Greg’s program and if he went broke.  So there’s a lot of skepticism out there.  But you racers at Grayson County know it works.  Greg’s got a job with Traxxas for the next 8 months and he’ll have to do some travel.  Greg said that he had to take “a real job” with Traxxas (radio control cars) for the next 8 months to support the free driver program.  He’d have to do some travelling and not be at the track.  He made a great choice in selecting Tony Hernandez of the Young Guns Series, flagger for the SST with 40 years exp in Dirt Track racing to be his replacement when he’s gone. 

Ashley Belcher number 14 car won the Mini stock championship…its nice to see the girls not only being involved but being successful.  Rusty Belcher, who’s one of the most ate-up-with-racing people I know, was really proud.  Keith Nottingham was the novice champ. Rodney White #78 won the Sport Mod.  Shawn Marquez won the Hot Stock Championship and Matt Winnett won the Modified.  The banquet was at Cappie’s in Bonham; the food was great!  Kurt Busch lost his ride with Penske Racing.  No one seemed to think that he’d get a ride anywhere else but Robbie Loomis at Richard Petty said he’d mortgage his house to get Kurt over!  Wonder if this’ll have any effect on Kyle and maybe make him straighten up his act.  Love the way the Busch brothers race…but at that level it takes more than just talent. 

The fired Darian Grubb NASCAR championship winning crew chief will become the crew chief for Denny Hamlin another NASCAR bad boy.

Opening night at Grayson County Speedway was April the 7th.  My God that that seems like a long time without a race. 






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