See Ya at the Races

Mixed emotions 

You think when you move everything will be new and clean and instead you are surrounded by boxes and wrapping that the movers use. But its just like a new car every place you turn you find a new feature. Hey how does this work. Gee I did not know that we had this. Jeaszzzzzzzzzzz that place has good food!  Texas has not disappointed in the food area. 

Leaving the Carolinas was hard to. So many friends and so many races. But LarrE  and Red Clay and Big Mac will do a great job covering and I have complete confidence in them. We do need a couple of more Reps to complete the coverage. The Fayetteville area needs someone most. Great racing at Fayetteville Dublin and around. So if you know someone in that area that needs a racing job have them contact us.

We will be going to our first Texas race, since we moved here, Friday, Cowtown Speedway, how’s that for approate.  We have been to Thunderbird in Crandle and Metrolina at China Texas. Met lots of great Texas racers at Boone IA,

All the Texakins we have met think TEXAS is the greatest. As they say everything is bigger in Texas. We can only hope……………lol. 

I as soon as we reached Texas I called Sheryl’s brother Gary. He lives in Houston. I ask him to recommend a good BRAGGING school. I told him that every one from Texas seem to have that down pat. He laughed and said it came with the license plate. As soon as you put it on your car you would be a Texican and it would just come natural.  

Texas has more race tracks than any other state. They take is a serious here as they do in the Carolinas. They say Ya’ll just a little different. 

My first Texas Race 

Went to my first Texas race at Cowtown Speedway. Is that fitting? LOL. Bo Rawdon and his crew do a great job. Now get this. They had 100 = cars for a two night show. Sprint cars, 84 degrees, 20 MPH wind, not a sprinkle of rain and the track was perfect. NO DUST !!!!!!   No dust on you, not on the cars, not on the fence. It’s been 30 years since I have been to a track that was that good.  No ruts or holes anywhere.  

Sprint cars diced high low and in between on this great track surface. Kevin Ramey came up with the win. Sam Hafertepe Jr.  put on a show passing all over the place. Modifieds did crossover moves ALL the time. Rodney Sanders   picked up the win.  Street stocks raced 3 wide.  Mini sprints were everywhere. Some great young drivers.  

1200 miles from SC and I knew 10 people that were there. We also had two advertisers there. Big Worm and  Mark Mosley’s Alliance Motorsports.  

Check  on our Texas photo page.   Se ya at the races.


Roger Bathe Editor




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