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More People to the Races


Do you think writing a column is easy?  Join us and write one every week!  We’d be glad to have you on  It’s nice to see that David Regan got a ride.  I think the first race in Texas is going to be at Mountain Creek Speedway, and I can’t wait!   Richard Snider has a three day event scheduled for the first weekend in March at Kennedale Speedway Park.    

How do we get more people to the track?  I’d like to know your ideas.  My idea is to take somebody new to the track with you every week.  If they love it they’ll be back, and if they don’t…at least finally know what you’re talking about!   I love taking new people.  When I had the car I started on Monday morning at the breakfast restaurant trying to line up somebody to go to the track with us.   Shoot, if you’re a racer you…you can get them in the pits. How are we gonna make this sport grow we don’t get after it.  Take the kids.  Take a carload of kids.  Take a busload of kids.  Take them all! 

April’s kids loved it when they went.  She needs to take them twice more and then they’ll bug the hell outta her all the time to go! 

You take a kid to the races and it’s the biggest places they’ve ever been…all they’ve been to is the park or backyard.   It’s the most people they’ve ever seen cause they’ve seen only a classroom full or an assemble.  It’s certainly the most colors they’ve seen…It’s the most noise they’ve ever heard.  And it’s the most action that they’ve ever experienced.  Why wouldn’t they love it?

Now you think about it.  When was the first time when you went to the races?  Bet somebody took you when you were a kid!  You might not have ever watched the races. You might have gone out back behind the grandstand and got four popcorn boxes and put them together to make a football.  But you were where the action was.  Did you ever hear of anybody getting kidnapped at the races?  It’s a pretty safe place to take your kids.  It’s the first place we ever got turned loose at. 

“Now this is where I sit.  I’ll be right here - you know where to find me. Don’t turn your back on those race cars.  Don’t walk down the isle when they’re running…wait ‘til the end of the race and in between heats …just don’t walk down the isle when they’re running!  Stay away from that fence.  Get your fingers outta that fence!”

And nobody ever tells you to shut up!!! 

My Dad took me to Indianapolis when I was in the 8th grade.  I was so excited I was about to pee my pants.  I couldn’t hardly wait for the car to stop to open the door. He reached over, grabbed me by the leg, and said

“Just a minute son. Today you’re gonna see every form of human behavior known to mankind, now I know you wanna look, its alright if you do, but don’t stop, keep on walking, or you’ll be right in the middle of the damn thing. If you want another look, walk up there 100 feet or so and turn around to take another look -- but don’t stop!!

Ah, the things that touch our heart.

When’s the last time you took a new kid to the races?  Are you serious about making this sport grow? 





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