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Free races at Royal Purple Raceway  in Houston Texas! Has your track ever had a free  race? 

Royal Purple Raceway in Houston Texas had a free race last Saturday night. Not just any race, but at an ASCS Sprint car race. All you had to do was click on the link in the e-mail and copy off your free tickets. I think that's absolutely great!


NASCAR still thinks their problem is the economy. They also think it's close racing  that makes racing.  It could not have been much closer than Talladega Sunday.  It could not have  been more exciting. And yet they had about half the record crowd of  193,000 that came in 1993. In my opinion they (NASCAR) "sold out" their fan base. They took seats away from people that had them for years and gave that block seats to the corporate sponsors. That worked really well when the corporations were flush. NASCAR thinks they made the sport. It appears that they think they can take any 20 year old and make him a star. 

The economy is just like your record in football. It is what it is. We had record crowds throughout the summer at many dirt tracks. The World of Outlaws Sprint cars played to capacity crowds with car count that barely fills the field.  A year ago one of the NASCAR track corporations had a net profit of just over 8 million for the third quarter of the year. This year they had a net loss of just 1 million.  I think the economy's better today than it was a year ago. What you think? 

One of the greatest races I ever saw was when AJ Foyt at DuQuoin Illinois lapped the field twice. It's one of the top 10 runs that I've ever seen at the races. They didn't all crash on the last lap or some by sneak through and win. AJ just kicked their ass! That was one of the races that made me the fan that I am.  

How many fans do you think the Alabama gang contributed to NASCAR? They all ran a lot races at local tracks and built their fan base. Jeff Gordon made a lot of USAC people look at NASCAR when he went there. I know I harp on this all the time, but it was the same thing for the IRL as it is for NASCAR. 

The fan base is it the local dirt tracks. They apparently don't know that at Texas Motor Speedway. Once when applied for credentials there, and were turned down, I called them and asked “could you let me know why we were turned down?". They said, “We looked at your site and you're primarily a short track racing website!”.  If they don't recognize that the "local dirt track" fans make up the majority of the NASCAR fan base, no wonder they're having problems! 

I thought last Sunday's race was great. Here's something we need to get real clear. The drivers don't like this kind racing. But it wasn't the racing and it wasn't the car that caused  the wreck. It was a driver who made a mistake at speeds where you can't make mistakes. Now they ran a whole lot laps and didn't crash each other. They can run the last two not crash each other either. So stop blaming the racing and stop blaming the cars. At least Tony owned up to the fact that it was him that caused “the big one.” 

I'm not a big Kevin Harvick fan. One time at Atlanta, Dale Jarrett was griping that the speeds were too fast. I think Harvick might've been a rookie. When they ask him about it he said "I thought going fast was what being a racecar driver was all about. If you don't want to go fast maybe you should get a different job." I think that is why Dale hired him. I think Kevin and Childress think alike. When Kurt Busch gets in those machines, the rest of them  better watch out. Richard punched out Kyle but it was because they both have the same amount of desire to win. 

For a guy who claims he is not a NASCAR fan, I sure went off, didn't I . I am a NASCAR fan. I just wish they would step back and take a look at what they've been doing.



Shelby Stroebel goes undefeated and wins ASA National Championship at Meridian Speedway  in Meridian Idaho. Meridian is a quarter-mile asphalt track located in downtown Meridian. His streak is now 17 straight races. He dedicated this year to his father, Alan, who lost his battle with leukemia last year.



It's too cold to go to the races when it's 50° out.  Or maybe I'm just a wuz and don't remember the "good 'ol days" on the Prairie. The Prairie is a long  long way from Texas and South Carolina! It seems like a long time until the Winter Nationals. Are you going to the Winter Nationals? 


If you weren't there you missed out.




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