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How many kids at your track?


My home track is Macon Speedway in IL. I have been going since I was 4 years old. I donít know how I got so lucky to get Macon for my home track. I went to the Final Night at Macon, to  cover the races, and the POWRi series for you. The racin was great, it always is at Macon. But the story was the number of kids at the races, and the FUN they were having.   See my Photos and see what I am talking about.  Donít just look at the kids in the focus of the photos but look up the grand stand in the background and count the kids.  Kids is what will make our sport strong in the future. You went to the races when you when  you were a kid.   Think about it. 

Who took you to the races? How old were you? What was a first track he went to? Who's the first driver you remember?

How many kids at your track? 

Brad Keselowski in the blue deuce seems to have them covered. I didn't like Brad for a long time. I saw him explain why he spun Carl at Talladega. Although I didn't agree with what he did, I could see his logic line and understand why he did. I've been a fan since then. If you think NASCAR will let him win the championship think again. In my opinion they would never let Chrysler win the championship and leave. I could be wrong. Let's watch together and see. Jeff Gordon's been running the best. I liked his run at Richmond. I'd forgotten how the REAL Jeff Gordon drives, and how he made so many fans. I was sorry he shaved the stash. Do you think he would've had more fans if he kept It? 

Things are winding down in the North. Supposed to be in the 50s this weekend for high temperatures. I'm not going. You go to the races when it's cold. The coldest I ever was at the races, was at Volusia Park Speedway in Florida. It was so cold Sharyl bought me a number 24 sock hat, and I wore it. I had some friends point out that I should've turned it inside out but I wasn't smart enough to do that   Still some good racing left up here. Belleville has the POWRi, Tri-City always has a great show ready for you. Next week is DuQuoin on the mile , and sprinters at Terre Haute. Brownstown Speedway in Indiana has funfest, it's a four-day deal and they draw over 400 cars. I will be heading that way. 

The Springfield track reunion will be held the end of this month in Springfield. Terry Young at Hoosier tire Midwest is heading it up. You need to check out Terry's Facebook page, Nostalgia racing at Springfield Speedway. Brings back a lot old memories. If you want more information there's an ad on the Illinois racing page. You can click on it and get more information. 

We had  lots a Sprint car and midget coverage this week.. Shortstuff covered the Williams Grove national open in Pennsylvania. LarrE covered Pete Walton's USCS at Carolina Speedway in Gastonia North Carolina and I was at Macon for the POWRi midgets in Illinois.


If you weren't there you missed out.




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