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Adam Wilt won the icebreaker at Lincoln Speedway.    Jayfish covered the first sprint car race in Pennsylvania at Lincoln speedway. I love Jayís stuff.  Heís become the foremost racing photographer in the North Eeastern part of the United States.  Jay thought he wanted to be a writer when he started, and weíve got his first racing pictures up on our site!   You can scan to the bottom of his page on the Writers and Photographers page and see how Jayís progressed as a WRITER.  He even beat Daytona.  Now thatís something: a race in Pennsylvania before they run the Daytona 500.   See Jayís picture of Adam on the front page of


Crashes and rain-outs in Daytona.   Iíve never seen so many pieces fall off the cars.  The biggest story in Dayton is Danica Patrick.  Sheís been on the pole for the Nationwide Race.  Every business she touches or endorses jumps!  I think the ladyís a race car driver- for real.  I think when she was running Indy cars she had the 3rd best car on every team.  The guys she with now, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr,  arenít into 3rd best in anything.  It was nice to see Tony Eury, Jr. back on top with Danicaís car on the pole.  Tony and Dale won a lot of races together -- along with Tony Eury Sr. overseeing.  Dale said this week, you might want to blame everybody else for him and Euryís parting.  But he sat in on the meetings and said it just slid that way.  He said, Iím the one who could have stopped it.  ďMan we had some good things going onĒ. 


When Tony Jr. was asked about Danicaís wrecks he said ďthatís part of the deal.Ē  My car was on the pole.  And Iíve never had a car on the pole here before so I think we had a great weekend. The rest of the guys think we had a half great weekend. 


LarrE is back in South Carolina, and he covered practice for Carolina Speedway.  I didnít go to the Abilene Race because the weather forecast called for 38 at night and 25 mile and hour windsÖI want to go to the races, not a football game.  Iím sorry,  you guys out at Abilene.  We had great coverage from JM Hallas.  JMís probably done more to promote Texas racing over the last 12 years than anybody I know.   Paul Bayne hooked him up with me when I first started the site, and JMís been furnishing me with Texas information ever since.  He writes in-depth and you know whatís there.  Then he promotes everybody all over the boards.  You can read JMís coverage on the Writers and Photographerís Page.  You racers when you see JM you should tell him ďthanksĒ. 


Lots of big races coming up in Texas and across the country.  Donít be a wuz like meÖget your kidsí hoodies out and take them to the races! 







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