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Jimmy Johnson back in the Winners Circle at Darlington. #200 for Ray Hendrix.  I think Chad may be one of the best mechanics that’s ever been.  Sharyl said next year were going to Darlington.  It’s such a beautiful time of a year for Mothers Day: the weather’s absolutely gorgeous. They had a full house.  I don’t know if it’s the first sell out they’ve had this year or not.  Darlington is NASCAR’s roots; it’s where the big race started.  So it was their first big race of the year.  It used to be on Labor Day.  At least they got the name back, the Southern 500.  The last time they ran a Mother’s Day race before that was back in the 60s in Atlanta…and they had 2800 people show up, so when they slipped that bone to Darlington, after taking away two of their races they thought that’d be the end of it at Darlington.  I was living down there at the time and the whole community got behind selling the race out. And I think it’s been a sell-out ever since. 


Move to Illinois is pretty smooth.  There are some computer glitches.  Our dish bar exceeds the quality of the cable.  We’re about 4.5 miles in the country and that’s all we could get.  But it’s lush here.  The peonies are in bloom and that’s my favorite flower because when they bloom it means you can wear your t-shirts.  We’re down a little lane; they have to cross a bridge to get to our house.  There’s a little “S” curve and its impossible to back the 53’semi down that to house…so they parked it in a Rural King parking lot and loaded it into a 23’ truck… it took them 6 trips to get us all together. I woke up on Sunday morning and there was 2 Does eating petunias off the patio table.  We’ve got peonies here so we’ve got ants.  But not fire ants!!!


 Had 42 Midgets at Macon Speedway Saturday night for the POWRi Midget Show. My son Shad was opening a box and he said, midget6s at Macon tonight Dad. Then he looked at the 150 boxes we had not opened  yet, and said, "NAH I guess not."

Grayson, Superbowl, RPM got rained out …they ran the USMTS at Cowtown, TX , Lonnie and Sherrie covered.  Jon A has good stuff from Elkins, WV and Roaring Knob, PA.   Ina covered WoO sprint cars from Williams Grove, PA, LarrE got the clash from Carolina, NC and the NDRA from I-77 SC.  VA Dirt went to Virginia Motor Speedway.  Mike was at Paradise Speedway in NY. Charity was at 67 Speedway in AR.


8 States not bad but I want them all. Join us.



I know I should have some racing thoughts but basically my thoughts are frantic about how to get the internet going. 





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