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Biggest racing news this weekend is Jr. winning in Michigan!  He was a happy-looking guy and he got he monkey off his back.  It’s been four years since he won.  I’m going to tell everybody that doesn’t know about racing and isn’t a racer:  It’s hard to win a race!!!  Jr. is one of the nicest, down-to-earth people in NASCAR, and I was really glad to see him win.  He raced at Myrtle Beach Speedway when he was learning how, and his dad made him run on old tires so he never did any good.  (New tires is the deal in Asphalt)  So when he had new tires on it,  he went straight to the front.  When he was in the old Busch series his dad’s nickname was “The Intimidator” and his was “The Dominator”.  This win wasn’t a fluke!  He just flat put it on them, and he had a fast race car that he drove fast. Wasn’t a mileage win or a pit stop win.  So thumbs up to Dale Jr. and the whole crew at the 88 car.


The UMP Summer Nationals Hell Tour is underway.  29 nights of racing packed into 31 nights for Late Models and Modifieds.  You can catch the coverage on our new Late Model Page and our new Modified Page.  Click the Like button if you like it! 


I covered a new race track this week.  I’ve been to 18 racetracks and 19 shows, and this is the first new track that I’ve been to this whole year.  The track is the Fairbury American legion Speedway in Fairbury, Illinois.  You’d think out of all the tracks that I’ve been to in Illinois I would have been to Fairbury, but I hadn’t …and I missed out!!   The race was the Bob and Pappy Allen Memorial for Late Models.  And Kevin Weavers the Flat Land Flash.  Flat put it on them.  The speedway is run by the American Legion and the Board of Directors. They’ve been racing at the fairgrounds since 1946. (Fairbury is 135 years old and the second longest running in the state of Illinois). 


They’ve got back-stretch grandstands in Illinois. I don’t remember seeing a back stretch in Texas at all, or Louisiana or Oklahoma. They had more people in the back stretch at Fairbury than a lot of tracks have in their main grandstands.  They had an old time wooden grandstand with a top on it on the main stretch. 


The racing was 4 and 5 wide.  They had full fields in every class for the feature: front car semi, modified semi, and a Late Model semi.  There were 6 classes in a 40 lap late model feature, and the race was over at a quarter after 10.  Everybody there was friendly, and the food was absolutely great.  And everybody, from the track officials to the competitors, was promoting Fairbury Speedway.  Everybody I asked “do you come all the time?” they’d say “oh yeah! Every week!”  After the races the crowds flooded the pit -- nobody seemed in a hurry to leave.  And it was easy to see why this place is a success.  They’ve been running for 66 years. 



Wild Wayne has coverage from Grayson County Speedway with a thumbs up from the drivers. 


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