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June 26, 2012


Dirt, dirt, dirt at The Dirt Tracks. 


They donít roll in the race tracks in here in Illinois like they do in Texas. So you go home with dirt on your face, dirt in your pockets, and dirt in your hair.  Really, thereís just a lot more dirt in Illinois.  A pair of jeans lasts a week in Texas, but you canít wear one here for two daysÖbecause theyíre dirty!


Went to Lincoln Speedway in Illinois, and it was a delight!  The first time I ever raced was in Lincoln, IL on a Tuesday night. It was a little racetrack back behind the Dairy Queen, thatís no longer there.  They now have a track at the Fairgrounds.  Iíve never been to this new track before, and itís a really nice track.  They had the POWRi Iron Midgets which are full sized midgets with no wings and 600 mini sprints with wings.  The midget B main had 19 cars in it.  Iíll tell you whatÖ thereís lots of young drivers.  They put on an absolutely great show in the AÖslide jobs everywhere front to back.  So afterward, I went home thoroughly impressed with the race track, its operations, and with the POWRi Midget Series. When the series came to Dallas they had 62 cars at Cowtown!  Dave Darland won. 


The next night I went to Charleston. The track surfaceis completely redone! Itís real racey.  It used to be a one-groove track. Now they have three grooves and the guys race in all of them.  This week they have the Mike Heddins Memorial. $1000 to wind for street stocks. It will be smoking. JR Wildermood told me he was taking the money.


 The POWRi midgets on Saturday night went to Macon. 90 cars from the POWRi and 140 all together.  Which, really, I think is pretty good considering they were running against on the UMP Hell Tour at Fairbury Speedway. Less then 75 miles away!  There were huge crowds for the UMP Hell Tour. Everyplace theyíve been stopping has been full.


Clint Boyer won at Sonoma in the NASCAR race!!  But I sure donít know whatís going on with Jeff Gordonís crew. He has the faster car and heís a great driver and they have ended up snake-bit every week.  Iíd like to see him get on a streak.  The only dirt track driver I ever saw that was better than Jeff Gordon was A.J. Foyt. 


Wayne has some neat pictures at Grayson County Speedway, and heís getting better with his camera. Wayne has the front page photo this week.  We have some coverage by Chase from a new track 5 Mile Point Speedway.  Gooseís sprint car shot that is on the front page this week drew a lot of comments.  (Especially from the place that didnít want him taking pictures). 


Itís supposed to be 101 here on Friday. I plan to go to Farmer City Speedway. Everybody who is saying how hot it is says itís supposed to be 74 at night.  Well, we went 42 days in a row where it stayed above 90s degrees in Texas.  You do sweat a lot more here in Illinois, though, I have to give it that. But you better take a jacket because when the sun goes down it cools down. 


Got the Hell Tour going on.  I hope to catch some of it next week.  And the week after that they have Indiana sprint week: 9 nights of sprint car racing in a row in Indiana.  Thereís lots of racing in the Midwest. The crowds arenít as big and the car counts arenít as good up here, like in Texas. But you canít fault the racetracks or the programs they run here in Illinois. When they run 6 classes of cars and a 50 lap feature and you get out at 10 minutes after 10pmÖ. You canít complain!  Somebody knows how to run a race track. 





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