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Back to racing and I am glad!


I thought this weekend might end up like last and would be rained out all weekend. We drove 145 miles to Tri-City Speedway in Granite City Illinois. Got three bios and got rained out. I love Tri-City and the people that run that track. They make everyone that comes there feel welcome. They have a great schedule the rest of the season....Sprints, Midgets, Late Models, and Modified Madness. We are going to cover Modified Madness as a special event on I don't think Modifieds to get their just due. There's more Modified  type race cars. With Late Models and Sprint cars getting much of the coverage, let's keep in mind that Modifieds support all the tracks. If you've got any ideas on what you'd like to see when we cover the Modified Madness, let me know. 

Saturday night took me to Charleston Speedway where the Hellman family is working really hard to bring the track back to what it once was. Great evening of racing. They had several cars from several other tracks. Many tracks were rained out on Saturday night and every track was rained out on Friday night.  Hoosier Jamie Lomax came over for the win in the Modified Division. Junior Wiltermood made several good moves to get to the front of the Street Stock Feature. Randy Smyser continued his domination of the Pure Stock class. I think Randy's won 14 or 15 Features this year. My old friend Joe Bob Reed, who used to drive for me at times, won the Hornet Feature with ease. The program was over by      10:45 p.m.. 

I went home and they were just restarting the NASCAR race after another rain delay at Richmond. I got to see one of the better NASCAR runs since Dale Earnhardt Sr. ran up the middle to win Talladega. Jeff Gordon was running 20th, last car on the lead lap, and in the last 50 laps he ran to second place. He didn't do it with a bunch restarts. He just passed the cars the way, Jeff Gordon used to race. Jeff used to win almost every race when he was an absolutely great racecar driver. The difference between winning and losing is so small in NASCAR. It's a mental thing. 

Last year Tony Stewart went to Knoxville, got his butt handed to him by the regular guys. He didn't like it. So he went up to Canada and won a World of Outlaws Sprint car race. Now, to win a Sprint car race you can't stroke. And when it's a World of Outlaws Sprint car race your running with the best.  Tony whipped them.  I think that contributed to the way he drove the car in the Chase last year. He drove it like he was driving a Sprint car. I was at Homestead and saw that run. He wasn't going to be denied. The run Tony made from last car on the lead lap to win it and win the Championship was one of the most outstanding runs I have ever seen. 

Jeff's run at Richmond does not hold near the significance of Tony's run unless he continues to run like the real Jeff Gordon.  If he does that the rest these guys are in trouble because he is a definite threat to win every race and the Championship. Jeff said if he made the Chase he would grow his old mustache back. There was a lot of fun made of  that mustache, but he won so many races they booed him. Since Dale died we just haven't had anybody that made everybody else race better. I think if they want to win the Championship this year they're going to have to run better. I think it may be because of Jeff Gordon.







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