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I think to be an Indy Car owner, you have to have a desire to ruin the sport. These guys have a super great product and their infighting and bickering are keeping their sport from getting to where it needs to be. I wish someone would tell me what Tony George did that was so wrong. I sat back and looked and all he tried to do was develop racing. He brought NASCAR to Indianapolis. He spent millions of dollars to bring Formula One to the Speedway 

NASCAR just screwed him totally by running a race that went 10 laps and then had a yellow flag to change tires. When racing started you had to figure out how to manager tires. The guy that won the first race at Darlington Raceway the first Southern 500 had the slowest qualifying time in the field. He went out and he bought six ply truck tires and he put him on the car and I think he lapped everybody twice. He used his brain to win. 

Real racing people which is what the crowd was at in Indy for the NASCAR race would never accept this 10 lap farce. They want to know why they don't have people in the grandstands built to go back and look at what they've done. 

When they had the Formula 1 race they all decided it was to dangerous to run. They only  fielded cars for tow or three teams. It was building every year. The crowd and the interest. They say F1 needs to be in the USA and then they do this. They just totally screwed Tony.  

Both series do not understand where they're market is. There market is in the local short track racing across the country. A guy used to go out and build up a following, fan base if you will, and bring them to the races as he moved to the higher series from his local track. I can remember when there were buses parked in a special area for just buses. from Texas, at the Indianapolis 500. These people came to see Foyt and Rutherford and Lloyd Ruby and Jim McElroy. These drivers had created a substantial fan base before they ever got to the big racetrack. 

Now both of these series think they can create the personalities. The concentration in the IRL the personalities of the drivers. Man let me tell you if you can't speak English you don't have enough roads from Brazil to fill up the frigin grandstands. 

I'm glad that the  part of the sport that I love, and promote so hard, is so  fractured that one person can't ruin it. You just have a crappy promoter that comes in to your track and runs everybody off,  because he don't know squat.  They think They know everything. Y'all know what I'm talking about. How many promoters have you seen at your track? When the dunce comes in and runs everybody off good promoter can get it all back within a year. So you can't ruin the whole sport, as these guys in the IndyCar and the head guys at NASCAR seem bent on doing to there's. I would be interested in anybody's opinion on what I just said please write me. 

My grandson Kiefer and I went to paragon Speedway Saturday night. It was a cool crisp evening. It was their  last points night. It has a large seating capacity. It is located about 50 miles from Indy in the middle of the country. The place was about 75% full. There are so many Sprint cars they ran two features.  Kevin and Judy Ford have been running the track for 26 years and they know what they're doing. If you can't get there on a regular race which is quite good, then you should schedule it for you USAC Sprint week next year. 

Lots of great coverage this week.

The Goose cover the World Of Outlaws Sprint cars at Clay County Speedway in Iowa and Deer Creek Speedway Minnesota. He said both shows were  great. Everybody I've ever had go to Deer Creek came away impressed with the facilities, and the way they run the program, and how friendly everybody is.

See his photos in the Sprint car section. VADirt got two nights of the Lucas Oil Late Model series at Virginia Motor Speedway. The USA 100 was won  by a local racer Jamie Lathroum. You can see his joy in the photo on the front page. You can see VAs coverage by going to the writers and photographer page.

 LarrE got in two nights of late model racing. Friday night at Carolina Speedway in Gastonia NC for the NDRA. Saturday night at one of my favorite South Carolina tracks Lancaster Speedway for the same. You can see is coverage in the late model section.

Gotta new reporter in AL, Curtis Clark. Check his visit to Deep South Speedway out on the AL Racing Photos Page.




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