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It’s nice to sweat 


I been spoiled living in the south for the last 10 years. I have forgotten how harsh and barren winter can be. The other day it was 75  Dallas, my home for the last 5 years, and 23 in Mattoon IL. My Mother told me “Roger it takes hearty stock to live on the prairie.” And she would pull my sock cap down over my ears and send me out in the winter day. 

But  I am in Florida thanks to Air Trans. It’s 76 and humid. And I am setting hear with the motel door open enjoying it. Yea for the Winternationals.  I missed last year with a broken foot so it’s been a while. East Bay is my favorite of the tracks running. If I had to pick one race each year and that was all I could go to it would be East Bay on opening night of the Lucas Oil Late Models.    

The best drivers from every class come here. Modifieds, Late Models, Sprint cars, Big Block Mods, and Mini Sprints run the dirt tracks, Screven GA, North FL, Volusia, Bubbas Raceway in Ocala, and East Bay Raceway in Tampa. They come from all across the country to race here. . At $4.00 a gallon you are not gonna truck down here unless you think you can whip some ass.  

 Everyone has worked all winter getting the cars ready with fresh parts and paint. They all are primed and ready to be Track Champ this year. My brother Terry says “Lot of winners in the winter!  Track Champs in the garage!”  And they have forgotten just how easy it is to tear one up and how hard it is to fix it.   Demolition Derby Time! 

Rained out the first night of Mods at East Bay. Nice warm summer type rain 73 Degrees when we got in the car.  Al an Todd worked the track hard trying to save it in the misty drizzle. 1208  miles for a rain out.  What is the longest you have went for a rain out.  

On to Ocala an Bubbas Race way. All Star sprints and  Mods. Great field of  sprints including Tony Stewart, Steve Kinser, and Donnie Schatz.  Tony won a heat on a nifty turn 4 move.   They started all 26 mods in the feature and Rodney Sanders at Ol Texas boy who runs USMTS won, Kyle Strickler in the SRI Stock Car Steel car finished 2nd. .  Good track lots of moves in the mod feature..  The sprint feature was FAST FAST FAST. Tony started 14th and  passed one car and finished 10th.

Donnie Schatz  won it. Darren Pitman in the Kasey Kane Great Clips was second an very happy with his run.   “To have came here, and not a lap on the car, Quick Time it and run second with a new crew and Crew Chief that I have never worked with before, I think is pretty good. I think we are gonna do well this year.”


Dennis Erb won the opening night. Dennis is a driver the way drivers should be. Clean and fast. He and Heather work as hard as anyone in the business and he deserves his success.   Check out the photos. Big Mack came in on wed and finished the week.  Thanks Mack.  


If you weren't there you missed out.




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