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Wow! Itís about time. The racing season is opening up and Iím excited! I love opening nights, one year I was able to catch 18 different opening nights at various tracks. New cars, new paint and everyone is even in points. Every heat race has six drivers who believe they can be the track champ. Everybody thought about just how fast they can be. Winners in the winter, track champs in the garage.


Full houses at opening night at Carolina Speedway in NC, RPM Speedway in TX and Beatrice  NE show that racing is still in demand and strong across the country.  Let us know how your openings are doing. The car counts at the winter nationals were down but the crowd attendance was up.


Cowtown Speedway in Kennedale Texas was closed with an EPA issue. I didn't get the details on what was wrong but understand that it will take $250,000 to fix. Three years ago I thought this was best run track in the United States. I hate to see tracks closing.


Cotton Bowl Speedway in Page, Texas is opening this month. One of the main people involved is Jim Deeringís Dad. Jim runs the St. Louis racing website  Down in Corley Texas, Timber Line Speedway is under construction. Bruce has been taking photos as they build the track with a goal of an April opening.  


Let me know of any tracks in your area that are opening or closing.


I've been pretty critical of this new generation six car NASCAR. The first three races were pretty boring. Then it went to Bristol. The day at Bristol is never boring. Banging and clanging is what happens at Bristol. Burton Smith and his crew have done everything possible to get that racetrack exactly right. However, I was really disappointed in the crowd attendance. There are full crowds in the stands across the country I don't think that you can blame the economy with what is happening with that series.


I think they made the right moves with the Chase, and the new points system. I really like both of them. Their new websites outstanding and I think this new generation six car may be a great car. Burton Smith spent millions of dollars to re do the track. And there yet there were less people in the stands.


I think the way they treated people in the past is the problem. From the fans, to the press, to the vendors they have been completely arrogant. They still did okay with the people that write million-dollar checks and they know how to wine and dine those people, but what they don't know how to do is how to take care the race fan. They really didn't want them around. The guy that drove 600 miles after he got off work and slept in his car, he brought his own beer cooler and didn't buy the six and eight dollars beers. He had been so many times he already had his hat and shirt, and he was proud that they were 10 years old. That was the backbone of the sport and they filled the grandstands.


I really don't think things will change for them until they change the top management. Not because they haven't been making the right decisions because I think they have, but because the public perception of them at this moment. When they change the top management they need to change the way that they treat the fans. If they don't change the way they treat the fans they'll never fill the grandstands again.


I want full grandstands. 


If you weren't there you missed out.




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