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It snowed on Friday.  It was 54 on Saturday.  James brown ran at Grayson County Speedway.  He ran his new stock car, and he told me it was 74 degrees in Texas!  LarrE went to Lancaster speedway in South Carolina, and he told me at 8 o’clock at night it was 78 degrees!  The azaleas are in bloom in South Carolina.  We, here in Illinois, barely have a tulip tree in bloom , and we haven’t had a redbud yet!   

Big Steve Wright went to Jackson County Speedway in Ohio to the ADRA Late Model races Saturday night.  The temperature was 30 degrees with a 15 degree chill factor.  You can see his pictures and his story on his page on the writers and photographers page.  And Goose had 21 inches of snow this week!   

….So enough of the weather report!


One of the biggest disappointments I’ve seen in the last several years was this news about Justin Finger. Justin is a hometown boy who lives 25 minutes from Farmer City Raceway.  He won the World of Outlaws in the Illini 100.  This week Justin was disqualified and the $20,050 prize was taken away because his right, front tire tested for softener.  He was also suspended from the World of Outlaws and the UMP.  Justin is a UMP Late Model champion!  Justin is filing an appeal.  He will not appeal the fact that his tire was soft.  He said “the results were correct”.  He will appeal his suspension.   

At the end of the season Justin cleaned up all of his equipment, washed it down, cleaned the tires, and put them in plastic so everything would be clean and ready to go at the start of the season.  He used a biodegradable cleaning agent on his tires.  He said “evidently it soaked in the rubber”.  Since he has been informed of those results, he has done searches on the internet and found that the products that he used could soften rubber.  This was not an intention on his part, though, or the intention of his team.  In no way did they want to gain an advantage or cheat!  That’s why he will protest the suspension.  I’ve known Justin since he started, and this kid has worked hard for everything he’s got.  And this kid races well!! He races fast, he races hard, and he races clean.  The guys were so happy when they won that race that the celebration in the pits went on and on… so the loss is devastating not only to Justin and his whole crew but also his fan base.  If he is suspended…he will be sorely missed. 


VA Dirt, Larry Burnett, has a great picture on the front page from Lakeside Speedway in Kansas.  Have you seen it?  Larry’s on a 3 week training mission and is covering tracks in the Kansas and Missouri area. He also got the Lucas Oil Speedway.  Sadly, he was rained out at Knoxville. 


We have new blood and new reporting and new tracks on the East Coast!!   Craig Gabriele is doing a bang-up job covering the Modifieds in the New England area.  Like several of our new reporters, Craig not only shoots pictures but writes also.  He’s covered from Daytona, Florida to Monadnock Speedway New Hampshire.  So he’s in the league with Goose on travel miles and VADirt.   VA has been from Virginia to Oklahoma back to North Carolina to Maryland and now to Kansas and Missouri…so he’s getting around!  We have the best group of reporters in the country at 


If you would like to see your drivers and your tracks get better coverage……get with us!


If you weren't there you missed out.




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