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Yeahhh I got to go to the races.

I went to Farmer City Raceway friday night for the first race out side of FL this year. We opened up with the Illini 100,  WoO super late model race cars.  40 cars from all over the country, and the race was won by Jason Feger.  He’s a local guy who lives 25 minutes from the track.  Now before we qualify Jason as a local-yocal, he’s also the UMP Champion.  He took home the $20,000, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.  Mister Smooth, Billy Moyer, took home the second prize of $10,150, and Iowa’s Ryan Burkhofer got $6,000 for running third.

        The track, which has had some promoter problems in the last couple of years, had a full crowd, and a huge car count.  In addition to the 40 late models, they had 30-something Modifieds, 30-something Street Stock, and over 25 Hornets.  It was cold enough everybody was wearing their hoodies and not just plain hoodies but Carhartt hoodies!  I apologize for not having more pictures, but I was having camera battery problems.  Saturday night I went to the opening at Macon Speedway in Macon Illinois.  They had 84 cars. When 7 o’clock rolled around I didn’t think they’d have any crowd: it was cold and windy… the wind was blowing 25-45 mph but the crowd just kept trickling in and by feature time it was 75% full! The crowd at Macon is a young crowd.  Most are couples and families were under 30.   

We had lots of coverage from all over the country.  Goose was at I-80 Speedway in NE for the ASCS show. Stephen Wright was in OH at Jackson County for the OVSCA Sprints.  LarrE caught a race in NC and SC.  VA Dirt was in MD and VA.  And lots of other people had coverage, too. 

Jimmy Johnsons got them covered in Martinsville.  All the Hendrix teams do great there.  It looked like the crowd was a little better than it has been.  Kurt Busch impressed again coming from the back two or three times ‘til he finally just crashed his car.






If you weren't there you missed out.




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