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Midgets, midgets, midgets!  I love the midgets.  I got 3 days of midget racing in a row; I would’ve had 4 but we got rained out on Sunday at Vermillion County Speedway in Danville IL. sun.  POWRi Midget Association is probably the greatest show in midget racing at this time. 48-56 cars checked in every night.  In addition to the POWRi Midgets they had POWRi Mini Sprints 600s.  38 cars.  Winner in the mini sprints was Mike Diceli who came all the way from Pennsylvania.  They also had a dozen 305s which is a new class up here in Illinois and it’s starting to grow.  Miranda Arnold, who races KSCS 360s, was in a 305. I was really surprised. I walked up and talked to her and asked what she was doing and she said “we’ve been rained out for three weeks…I need to race”.  She won the heat and rain third in the feature. We took a picture of Miranda and updated her on the site. 

At Jacksonville speedway on Thursday night, they had two B Mains: they had 17 cars in one and 18 cars in the other.  They took 3 out of each to make up the 22 car field.  All the LuvRacin reporters have been raving about Kyle Larson. It was my first opportunity to see him run.  He did not disappoint. He started dead last in the heat and was leading in 3 laps.  In the feature, he looked like a person from a different planet.  He used 7 different lines in the feature.  Now I’ve seen guys that can muscle a car from one line to another line, but I never saw anybody that made it look as smooth and easy… and its as if we were just wanting to do in that particular situation.  He won the feature handily.  In the interview he apologized for not being able to make the next two nights cause he had to race the WoO in Iowa, and he had to race Nationwide in Iowa and said he’d back to the Sunday for the Vermilion Show.  3rd place winner Brad Kuhn walked over to Kyle and said, “Gee don’t you make enough money on Saturday?”. 

The next night was at Lincoln Speedway on Friday.  The midgets ran with  the Mini Sprints, 905s, and Street Stocks.  There was over 140 cars total in the pits.  And there was a great crowd.  The night before I met a midget team from New Zealand.  Michel Pickens, who is a 7 time New Zealand champion.  Brad Monsan was a two time king of the sprint series in New Zealand.   The team brought two midgets all the way from Australia to race the POWRi series.  They had a 50 lap race that pays 50000 to win. He won that also.  They said it cost between $20-30000 to ship the cars up here.  They also had a team of 12 people.  And they were having a ball.  I think that the New Zealand people might be related to Wisconsin people because after the races and they’re in their pit the first thing they ask you was “Do you want a beer”?  Not only can they party but they can win… cuse Michael just flat ran off and left everybody.  This is a quote from him “I have to thank my team for giving me a bullet race car”.  Darren Hagen made a couple of tries of new starts but it was no contest.  Andrew Felker, last years POWRi Midget Champion, finished second after overtaking Hagen and Tyler Thomas with a slide job on turns 3 and 4 on the last lap.  Couple of old friends were up there racing. BJ Deal won the feature he was our third place entry in our photo contest in May.  Another of my friends (in fact the first sponsor that ever bought an ad on LuvRacin was his sponsor) Tyler Blankenship rolled his car and it must have went 15 feet in the air.   It was the most spectacular part of the  feature, but I’m sure he’d rather switch places with BJ in the winners circle.   

Saturday night finds us at Macon Speedway in Macon Illinois, not only my home track but one the three best midget tracks I’ve ever seen. Sharyl went with me to Macon so we ended up with more bios than usual.  We’re setting at the concession stand, she was having her pork chop sandwich (which are great)  and I was having a ribeye sandwich which are excellent at Macon.  Unbeknownst to me, my brother Dan came up behind us and shook us by the neck.  We went to the grandstand backstretch turn three and got settled into watch the race, just before they started the midget heats,  my bro got a text from my son, Shadrac.  He was there with his wife Kim and my grandson Keifer.  After the heat races they came over and sat with us.  168 cars checked in with the POWRi  Midgets, 600 Mini Sprints, Modifieds, Hornets, and Street Stock.   There were slide jobs everywhere in every POWRi race.  Jerry Coons, Jr. led 25 laps for the 30 lap feature before he spun out on his own.  Andrew Felker had slid job him and pressured him on every lap but didn’t catch him and finally Coons cracked under the pressure.  This is what he had to say: “I started reeling in Jerry for a while, kept the pressure on and forced him into a mistake and got by him,” Felker said. “I was a couple of car lengths behind and had enough room to turn right and miss him. I was driving as hard as I could to put the pressure on him. I couldn’t’ believe it when he spun. I was fired up. It’s not every day you’re racing that Jerry makes a mistake and I wanted to capitalize on it with a victory. It feels real good.”

We were highly disappointed that we got rained out at Vermilion County cause Kyle Larson said he would return and I wanted to see him run. 

Jimmy Johnson won the NASCAR Pocono race.  No competition. This guys one of the best race car drivers that we’ve ever had. Everybody forgets that before winning the championship he came in second two years. 

VADirt had a great picture from USAC Eastern Star Tour at Port Royal, Pennsylvania.   Charity Price got some drag racing at Prescott Dragway to go along with her usual Diamond Park Speedway coverage.  Lonnie, Big L, went to Mountain Creek and Superbowl both! 


If you weren't there you missed out.




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