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Perhaps Iíll get some racing in.  Weíve had the first nice day weíve had here. Nice day meaning you can go outside in your t-shirt.  I was really thinking I might be able to go to the UMT Summer Nationals.  29 races in 31 nights.  I might be able to catch up a little bit.  They have ran a few races here but theyíre few and far between and Iím not going if itís 52 degrees!  ButÖ racin is really heating up in the rest of the country. 


I talked to LarrE this week and heís been to over 35 events. Last sat night he went to Bowman-Gray Stadium in Winston Salem North Carolina.  Sharyl and I have made two trips to Bowman-Gray and it truly is a madhouse!  I think itís Sharylís favorite race track. LarrE said that last sat night it was the K and N race and a 100 lap feature for the local modifieds. The place seats 16000 plus and it was standing room only!  The action in the pits was absolutely as crazy as the series madhouse showed it could be.  The fans in the stand are even crazier.  Itís the most rabid fan base that Iíve ever seen, and LarrE agreed with me.   

Many of the families have been sitting in the same spot since 1946.  LarrE talked to a guy that remembers the night they let Curtis Turner return to NASCAR racing.  See they suspended him.  If you donít have Bowman-Gray on your bucket list it needs to be. Can you imagine 16,000 people at your racetrack on Saturday night?   

Letís talk about Short Stuff Ina Morrell.  Ina in one day went to the Indianapolis 500 in Indianapolis, Indiana and the Little 500 in Anderson Indiana.  If thatís not enough she also went to the fairgrounds in Indianapolis. I donít know if anybody has ever seen the Indy 500 and the Little 500 in one day before. She saw 700 laps of racing in one day!!   She told me that when she and Jim got home they were exhausted.  And I can imagine why. This is absolute great coverage! 

Tony Stewart won the NASCAR race with a pass on the outside of Juan Pablo Montoya.  It just absolutely blew me away that Montoya let him do it.  I think if it had been anyone else he might not have . Tonyís three teams have been struggling so it was nice to see him get the win.  Heís not in the top 10 in points, but the win might help get him into the chase. And we all know that if Tonyís in the chase heís dangerous.  Once again Kurt Busch had the fastest car and got off sequence in pit stops.  And finished 12th.  I hope that Kurt wins a race before he explodes or implodes or whatever it is that he does. This guy has so much talent.  Kurtís won a championship and that tells you something.  I know heís a dark horse but Iíd sure like to see him in the chase.   

Would you like to see a bigger crowd at your race track?  Do you gripe because the promoter didnít run any radio advertising?  Are you on the bulletin boards bad mouthing everything they do?  Wanna see that race track grow?  Itís easy!!  Take somebody to the races next week thatís never been!  They may not like it, and they may turn into a fan forever, but I guarantee you itíll be a night that neither one forgets. 



If you weren't there you missed out.




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