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My focus on the NASCAR races is Kurt Busch.  This guyís gonna win a race.  Thereís lots of talk about him in Tony Stewart Racing cars nest year. He led almost 100 laps on the race Sunday in the thoroughly-dominating car before mechanical problems set him back. Heís been in contention in almost every race.  It seems like Mr Haus likes Kurt and is going to bring him on as a fourth car in the Tony Stewart Stable. And Iím rootiní for the guy cause I think heís a racer. The problem that he has, and he does have problems, stems from how bad he needs to win.  The other guys, they drive what they got, and this guy can make it work Ė It doesnít matter what he has.  Thereís some throw backs that could do that.  But his NASCAR performance this year has been the highlight for me. 

            Boone in Iowa is getting ready to come up.  I think itís the greatest local racing event in the country.  Hobby stocks, stock cars, Modifieds, Sport Mods, Late Models, all running.  I saw 563 cars in one night, and the program was done at 1:15am!  I think they should pass a law that in order to run a race track you have to go to Boone and watch how they do it. Cause Bob Lawton does the best job of any promoter that Iíve ever seen. Not only that but thereís no cherry pickiní at Boone. The IMCA has over 280 race track that it sanctions, and many of its tracks champs will be at Boone. They run the race of champions and Iíve seen over 60 qualifiers try to make the race of champions.  When you see heat races go off, and theyíve got 6 cars that have 20 or more feature win stickers on the top: itís some exciting racing.  It took me 3 years to understand that!  I should be watching a guy in 33rd cause he was putting on just as good a show as the first. They parried over 400 Modifieds down to 33 starters in the feature for Saturday night.  Anybody that makes the feature at Boone is a fantastic racecar driver!!

            The best Stock Car race I ever saw was a 50-lap hobby stock feature at Boone.  They started 33 cars: 3 wide that went 50 laps green-white-checkered and had 2 people dropped out and 2 people got lapped. Think about that. 

            Larry Burnett got pictures of the AMA motorcycle races.  It was a really interesting shoot you should see it. 

            Larrie traveled from South Carolina to Wisconsin and back and got one race in.  It might have been only one race, but it was a good one!!  It was the North/South 100. 

And as for me, Iíve been doing Coles County Speedway where they run Midgets, 600 Mini Sprints, Micro Midgets, and Go Karts. Theyíve got a great bunch of kids racing out there. 

Most of the local tracks seem to be doing really well!! If your trackís not doing well, let me know! 






If you weren't there you missed out.




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