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The season has started. The Daytona 500 ends Winter Nationals and then the REAL season starts. The real season at Your HOME track.  Texas is in full swing. March Madness opens up North Carolina and South Carolina at Cherokee Speedway.   God how I miss those two places.   Here in the great white north it is 3 degrees this morning.



I was glad to see Dale Jr. win at Daytona. The guy is screwed up but deep inside of him he knows how to drive. His dad ,Dale SR., was the Intimidator . I thought Jr. was going to be the Dominator, the way  he started in the Old Busch series. He won two championships. When he got to Cup racing he  popped off several wins early in his career.  In 2004 he won the  Daytona 500.  ;It was a family win with all the people  who had helped him since he started involved.


If you read Driver 8 you can get a lot of in site into Dale Jr. early in his career.  I donít think he thought he could really win, but he was placed there by family. The move to Hendricks did not help his head. Best equipment in the sport and he was not making it. I think he got down on him self. I donít think he realized what a good driver he was and thought it was just family taking care of him.  Good equipment helps, no doubt, but you have to have the talent to wheel good equipment, if you are going to win.  One year at Indy, Little Al and two times World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi   did not make the show. Now tell me its just talent.


You could see the joy in him, with his win. It took Dale Sr. 20 years to win one, and now Dale Jr had surpassed his dad and has 2 Daytona 500 wins It is a pretty rough deal fighting that ghost.  I think he has done a great job.  His racing will become so much better  now that he has had a taste of victory again. I truly hope he realizes the talent he has.


The guys are starting to move and cover races LarrE was at three tracks this weekend Anderson, Greenville Pickens for the pass race, and Cherokee Speedway all in SC . Goose was in AZ covering the dirt tracks and the NASCAR race. Bruce covered the $5000 to win factory stock race at Timberline in TX







If you weren't there you missed out.




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