Just got back from the Winter Nationals in FL. What a great thing for racing. So many great drivers from tracks all over the USA. 20+ classes of racing and different tracks to choose from every night.   I want to thank LarrE and Big Mac and my wife Sharyl for helping me cover the Races in Florida. We had a great time. LarrE got  cold and is recovering. You can catch a cold in Florida in Jan or Feb, but most days are tee shirts and shorts. We have over 1000 photos .  Check then out  the Special events page.

Todd Hutto and Al Vanadore at East Bay Raceway park   have a great team, and run great shows, for almost 30 straight days. If you have never been down make plans now for next year. If you have been I know we will see you again. You can stay at the Days Inn North in Tampa for only $48 per night.   15 minuets from the track.  What a great way to spend a week. Sunshine when all else are frozen in. Racing  every night.


They also run at Volusia Speedway Park by Daytona. A big fast ½ mile track.  LarrE did coverage over that way this year.  The Asphalt World Series is at New Smyrna and they have many classes on the famous asphalt ½ mile. LarrE and I both got there for photos. Speedworld in Orlando has the best in Legends and the many small car classes. You can catch the future racing stars hear.



Support your track 

Its not enough to say that is my favorite track. Wayne County Speedway in NC is not opening this year. I have had 10 people say, I love that track. It’s my favorite track. It’s a great track its fast and fun to race on.  Why are they closing?   They are closing because its not being supported. Eddie Radford Jr did a good job of running the track. He tried big shows, running Friday, and running Saturday.


We are loosing tracks, and will continue to loose tracks if we do not support them. Supporting them is not only going to the track, but also taking someone who has never been to the races. Supporting the track is not setting back and badmouthing every thing the promoter does even though most promoters need it. If every one would take someone new to the track next week we could double the attendance.   Maybe we should start a double up program.


On a good note Tony Stewart, Kenny Wallace, Kenney Schrader, and Bob Sargent have bought my home track of Macon. Its is another place that needs support. I was there in August of last year just before they closed the track,  and the car count was over 100. But there were less than 300 people in the stands. You can blame the promoter all you want, but I will tell you this. If YOU don’t promote YOUR racetrack, your self, you may not have a racetrack to go to.


On another positive note Wanda Duke, Banjo’s  and Sissy’s Mom will run the Sumter SC track this year. It is another track that needs support. Mr. Hodge wants racing to be in Sumter and could sell the real estate tomorrow, for more then the track could make. Get some friends and get out there and keep a great lil track running, Sumter is much like Macon , its tight and hard to drive. If you can win there you can win anywhere.  Great Thanksgiving late model shows.



 USAC at Darlington

Yesterday could become a historic day in racing. It depends on you. Rollie Helming and Chris Browning brought the USAC Silver Crown cars to Darlington for a test. The 150+ MPH laps from an 1800 lb open wheel cars was exciting to say the least.  Much respect was paid by the Drivers to turn 2 where almost every driver gets his Darlington stripe.  None of the seven drivers that tested got a stripe. But the ear picked up a lot of “lifts” that lasted for over a second as they came out.  Turn 4 will be the place to watch. The solid axel cars must run stagger to get around the high banked high speed corners and coming out of turn 4 it caused problems for all 7 of the cars that were testing. Several Spins were observed and Brian Tyler hit the wall.


Since Rockingham closed Darlington is the hardest track on tires. With the USAC boys it was no different. Tires were a problem as they are with all the NASCAR Classes that run at Darlington raceway. . 3 laps netted a 1 second drop off in times. But several cars ran 30+ laps on one set. 100 Miles is the standard race and the cars don’t pit. Talk was of 50 laps and then a NASCAR type stop for all.


With a field of 16 –18 cars is expected, these powerful cars will put on a most exciting show. I can’t wait.   If the race is approved the preliminary  plan is to run on Thursday night before the NASCAR Race. A $10 ticket and kids for free will make it the most attractive racing buy in the SE United States.


The question is will the  Southern Stock Car People embrace, or at least check out that the racing that Northern Yankees are so crazy for.  If they go and see these cars run they will become Fans.



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