For Luv and not the Money  Thank You Tony Stewart


Thank you Tony Stewart


Thank you Tony Stewart for the greatest exposure of dirt track racing EVER. Thank you for all of the competitors  who’s HUGE smiles showed,  everyone  just how much fun they were having. Thank you for Bill Elloitt and Ryan Newman for showing everyone how serious and how hard people race at the dirt track. Thank you for all the car owners that put there cars on the line so, drivers from Formula 1 to Drag Racing could run this show.  Thank you to Darrell Waltrip for his conveying his excitement. Thank you for Adam Petty and his vision of the Victory Junction Gang. Thank you for the Petty family for all that they have done for racing and for the kids of the Victory Junction gang.


This was the greatest dirt event I have ever seen, and it was done for Love, and not for money. We have the greatest people in the sport of racing. Every week 1000’s of great dirt track people head for their home track, or pull hundreds, or thousands of miles to compete, and put on a show for the greatest fans of any sport.  They do it for Luv not for Money. I have never been prouder of our sport.


I think like the 1979 Daytona 500 put NASCAR in main stream of America, Toney’s Prelude to the Dream will bring dirt racing to that level.  What do you think?


LuvRacin and YOU





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