Do you think NASCAR is hurting Saturday night racing? 

Did you go the races or stay home and watch Bristol. I have to admit I stayed home. The race was not as I expected it to be. Everyone tip toeing around each other and not dashing anyone’s chances of making the chase. How was it at your track? Was the attendance off? 

How was the car count? They run several night races and I am interested in how it effect’s your track.

 NMMA Nationals Coles County IL 

Everyone hollers for racing the way it used to be.  There is a place it’s the NMMA. Micro Midgets or Mini Sprints which ever you like. The NMMA Nationals at Coles County Speedway in Illinois were great. Old time racing. People helping people. Kids 9 deep on a golf kart picking each other up. I interviewed drivers from California, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi and more as hundreds of cars came to race.  They did into have to be told to be press friendly. They just wanted exposure and to promote what they call “The best kept secret in racing.”   

The racing was great 2 wide and three wide from these quick little cars.  Classes for young drivers and a place to start in REAL race cars.

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IMCA Nationals Boone IA 

The Boone nationals are coming up.  What a great show. 500+ race cars on a dirt track in one night and no dust. 61 races between 5 and 11:30 to 1:30. I have trouble at race tracks after I go to Boone because you know not only how a program should be ran but know that it can be ran right. Everyone knows how the program should be ran but not many can get it ran the way is should be ran. They get it done at Boone.  If you cause a yellow are a yellow you are out. If you don’t keep your car moving you are out! You don’t tag the tail. No one kills it in #1 because they did not get a good start.  They have a person with a board and the order on the track. If you are not smart enough to read the # and know which car you start behind,”we are not smart enough to score you.  You take someone out and you get black-flagged.

 Racing the way it should be. I think it should be a law that you cannot run a racetrack unless you have been to Boone.

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Karting Lake City SC 

I visited Lake City  Speedway for Go Kart racing. It was a great after noon and lots of Karts.  Dale Stetz of  Godfather Karts has been a supporter of the site for several years. He has been after me to do some Kart coverage.

After my trip to Coles County and the viewership that coverage it got I called Dale and told him I would get something done.  . Heather Tyler of Ghost Racing told me that there are 4-6 thousand karts in SC alone.   We have had good Viwership on the karts and have done NO PROMPTION.  I had a call from Betsy Willams at Rockway Raceway and they are looking for promotion. For their track. 

 Many kart tracks don’t have websites and don’t send out the results. This needs to be addressed before they can take advantage of the power of the internet.


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Many of you may just think of Randy Lajoie as the Busch Champ Race car driver. But Randy is one of the biggest promoters of safety in racing. I called Randy about his  company The Joie of Seating  being at Boone. He said safety was the hardest sell. “Look at what NASCAR has done in safety”  We need to bring that down to the Local Tracks.   I have seen Randy down in the dirt in a tee shirt and cut offs installing a seat at Boone.  Larrie Ervin who works for keeps stats on racing deaths. He said between 50 and 60 fatalities a year in racing in the USA. Many of these could be prevented with proper safety equipment.




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