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 Independent Representative Agreement

This agreement is made between LuvRacin.com and _______________________________(Rep) and binds both parties to the following terms: 

1.      Rep shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining his own health, automobile, liability or other insurance as required by law.  Rep shall furnish his/her own business cards as well as other work related and travel expenses. 

2.      Commissions will be paid to the Rep by LuvRacin.com on the 1st and 15th of the month, following receipt of ad copy and initial payment. 

3.      Termination of this agreement will be effective upon 15 days written notice by either party to the other.  Further, upon termination by either party, Rep agrees not to perform any duties similar to those being performed for LuvRacin.com for any competitor or other party or company for a period of two years from the date of termination of this agreement.  This is to include the creation of driver web pages, and selling of advertisement to LuvRacin.com clients. 

4.      Rep may not make any price alterations or agreements with any customer beyond the guidelines supplied by LuvRacin.com without permission, in writing, from LuvRacin.com. 

5.      Rep may not use any promotional material other than that supplied by LuvRacin.com.  This is to include, but not restricted to, the logo, website structure, information sheet format, Press releases or other printed material, without the written permission of LuvRacin.com. 

Rep Information:  

Name   _______________________________           S.S # ________________________________ 

Address_______________________________          E-Mail________________________________

             _______________________________           Rep Signature_________________________

Phone   _______________________________           Date_________________________________


Company Signature_____________________________ Date____________________________