Josh Hodges 

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  Picture at ASCS Sprint Car Race


Josh Hodges 


Josh Hodges drives the # 74X sprint car out of Tijeras, NM. The car is owned by Jack Hodges. The people that help crew for Josh are: Jack, Linda and Jeremy Hodges, and Mark Rosborough.
Josh started racing in 2002 in a 1/4 midget at Sandia Motorsports Park in Albuquerque, NM. His first win came at Sandia in '02. Josh likes racing because he grew up around it with his dad, Jack as a racer.
Josh's career highlights include 2 regional 1/4 midget championships, the '09 national 360 rookie of the year, and he was the youngest ASCS feature winner.
The thrill of racing for Josh is the adrenalin rush.
Josh's most exciting momoent was his first ASCS sprint car win.
He is most proud of keeping his racing fun and being competetive.
Josh has two racing heroes, Johnny Herrera & Ricky Hood.
Of racing, Josh says: "Racing is one of the toughest sports there is. It takes real work and dedication."
Josh's favorite website is


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