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Billy’s 2007 RIDE




Billy Moyer Jr, of Batesville AR, like many drivers in the industry, is a second generation driver, yet the beginning of his racing career is anything but traditional.   As a young child when Billy expressed interest in the family business, he wasn’t put into a race car instead he started in the race shop.


“I was given small things to work on,” now that I think about it, I am not even sure they were “real things to be repaired” chuckled, Moyer Jr. At the age of 13, Billy was officially part of his dad’s pit crew, and there was no question that he was definitely working on legitimate repairs. Not afraid to get his hands dirty working on his dad’s car Billy said, “I would come home from school and head right out to the shop.  Moyer Jr. worked as part of his father’s pit crew for the next 5 years, gaining a good understanding of what makes the

engine of a late model hum. 


At the age of 18, with some valuable knowledge under his belt, Billy’s father gave him the opportunity to get behind the wheel of his own dirt late model.  As an official dirt late model driver, Billy has no intentions of hanging up his mechanical hat anytime soon.  Just like in his teen days, he still goes to school, only now it is college, and when not in school, he spends time in the shop, preparing his car to race. 


2006, was Billy’s inaugural racing season.  Moyer Jr. and his team raced at several different events and traveled to many states.  One of Billy’s favorite tracks to race at is Magnolia Motor Speedway Columbus MS.  Magnolia Speedway is a 3/8 mile, semi-banked clay oval that “has big, wide turns that fit my driving style,” reports Billy.  Moyer Jr. accomplished a respectable 2nd place finish when he ran at MMS back in October of 06. 


His first feature win came after only his 7th career start when he took the checkered flag at Poplar Bluff Speedway, Poplar Bluff MO.  His most memorable moment of 06 came while racing at North Central Speedway, Brainerd MN. “This was my first WoO event where I earned a starting spot in a “big show,” not just a local event.”  When asked what goes through his mind before a race.  Billy replied, “I think about the set-up and look over the track to find the best line to run.”


Billy’s 2006 season also brought with it, the nickname “Kid Smooth”.  His nickname shouldn’t come as a surprise if you know his father’s nickname  “Mr.  Smooth”.  Billy’s father is a National Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer and the only five time World 100 champion Billy Moyer.  With a father that has been very successful and is well known through out the dirt racing world and beyond, one could speculate that this young man may feel some added pressure to perform well.


I asked Billy Jr. if he felt extra pressure on him to excel.  He responded, “Yes, I do feel some extra pressure, however, “I put more pressure on myself, then dad puts on me for sure.”  For example, “my dad explained to me that it may take 5 years before I could expect to be consistently competitive.”  “I tell myself that since I have my father as my teacher/trainer I am ahead of the curve and I should be consistent by 3 years.”  Moyer Jr. appears to feel like most young man who has a father that is successful in his trade, “I just want to make my dad proud,” replied Billy.  When asked what he thinks would make his dad proud, he stated, “Win some big race!”  With just missing the 2006 Topless 100 feature by one spot, his rookie year. I think one could assume that a win of a “big race” would be somewhere in this young driver’s future.    


With the experience gained from working on his dad’s car, Billy can quickly

diagnose and fix many problems that surface in his own car, therefore leaving him more time to concentrate on developing his driving skills.  “I know how to work on the cars, now I just have to understand the driving part,” states Billy. Getting a grasp on the driving part I would think comes with seat time, and Billy is ready to do some of that, “I am anxious to start our 2007 season!”  


Moyer Jr. and his race team expect to run 60+ races this season with many of those events being at tracks where he will visit for the first time.  With a schedule like that it is a good thing that Billy mentioned, “He actually sleeps better in the hauler on the road, than he does at home,” because he and the 21JR team will be racking up the miles in 07. 


Moyer Jr. explained that he plans to run some races with the new AMP Arkansas State Series, some Lucas Oil events, the Summer Nationals, and some of his dad’s schedule. Billy is looking forward to having his dad as a teammate again this year when they attend some of the same races.  There are definite benefits to having a teammate, “like having someone close by to ask questions and get advice about the cars set-up,” states Moyer Jr.


His father isn’t the only teammate that Billy has helping him.  His off the track teammate is his mother Joyce.  His mom has a significant role in the family business.  “First of all she takes care of us!”  “She washes our race suits and has them ready on race day, and travels to most of the races where she sells our t-shirts.”  Like many modern day race teams it takes the support and help of the whole family to get everything done.  “I don’t really think people realize that it takes a lot of hard work and at times can be a demanding job to operate a full time race team,” shares Billy.


He has seen some of that hard work first hand as being part of his dad’s racing team.  It is the hard work of his father and the rest of the BMR team that contributes to this young mans understanding and respect for the opportunity he has been given. With great opportunity comes great responsibility, and after visiting with “Kid Smooth” I have determined that he has the same work ethic as his father, and is willing to put in the hours that it will take to get the   job done. 


His respect for his father’s hard work and his determination to continue in his footsteps, more than likely makes his father very proud, and what ever success this driver has; and I have no doubt success is knocking on his door, may very well be considered “icing on the cake.”