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  Rambo Wins At  Antioch
                                                              By Cobb Taylor

Morganton, N. C. [02-16-2008] Dennis "Rambo" Franklin, No. 2,
won a caution riddled crate motor Late Model race Saturday at Antioch
Speedway. Timbo Mangum, No. T1,  jumped out front at the drop of the
green with Ron "Bull" Parker, No. 8,  close behind. Parker ran second
the first seven laps until he stopped in turn two bringing out a
caution. Parker thought he had a flat right rear tire but when he pitted
his crew discovered that the wheel was packed with mud. Johnathan
Davenport, No. 49, pressured Mangum the next six laps until he pitted
during a caution complaining of a bad engine misfire. The crew diagnosed
the problem as a broken rocker arm ending his bid for the win. Rambo
Franklin took up the chase but had nothing for Mangum until lap 38 when
they overtook a slow car that would not get out of the way. Mangum tried
to go low down the back stretch allowing Franklin to make the pass on
the outside of the slower car coming to the white flag. Franklin went on
to take the checkered flag. Followed in second was a disappointed
Mangum. John Llewellyn, No. 90, finished third. Joey McCoy, No. 11, held
off a hard charging Parker to finish fourth. Parker worked his way from
the back of the pack to finish fifth.
Joey Barker, No. 16, led flag to flag easily winning the Super
Stock V-8 event. Randy Young, No. 21, finished second. Ronnie Vasser,
No. 77, finished third, Daimon Patton, No. 2, finished fourth and
Freddie Frady, No.  01, finished fifth.
Duke Bare, No. 52B, won a very competitive Renegade V-8 event.
John McElrath, No. 63, led the first six laps until Bare was able to
make the pass on the outside. Bare went on to take the checkered flag.
McElrath second, Chris Stowe, No. 52G, overcame a midrace pit stop to
finish third. Kenny Allison, No. 7R, finished fourth. Tony Baru, No. 00,
rounded out the top five.
Steve Annas, No. 7A, led every lap on his way to victory in the
Super Stock Four race. Even Benton, No. 06, finished a strong second. R
K Dix, No. 7R, finished third. James Allison, No. 7Y, finished fourth
and Chris Allison, No. 17, finished fifth.
Richard Vasser, No. 8, won a hotly contested Pure Stock Four
event. Tim Moretz,   No. 11, got the lead at the start of the event with
Vasser and Rickey Waters, No. 28, close behind. Moretz led to the
halfway point when he pitted under caution after his right rear tire
went down. Vasser held off a hard charging Waters to take the checkered
flag. Waters a close second. Moretz recovered to finish third. Matthew
Mintz, No. B1, overcame an early pit stop to finish fourth. Scott Kirby,
No. 23, finished fifth.
Jacob Carver, No. J15, led flag to flag easily winning the Young
Guns event. J W Hicks, No. 15, finished second. Josh Anthony, No. 2,
finished third, Casey Woody, No. 02, finished fourth and Joseph Hodges,
No. 4, finished fifth.

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