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Carswell Victorious At Antioch
                         By Cobb Taylor

Morganton, [ 3-22-2008] Brian Carswell, No. 4C, from Morganton,
blistered the field by leading every lap in the Late Model race Saturday
night at Antioch Speedway. Chris Cheek, No. 99C, passed Raymond
Pennington, No. 6, with two laps remaining to take second. Jimmy
Milsaps, No.20, also got by Pennington for third. Pennington held off
Tim Bristol, No. 77, for fourth. Bristol finished fifth.
Freddie Frady, No. 01, from Marion led flag to flag easily
winning the Super Stock V-8 event. Randy Young, No. 21, finished second.
Dennis Byrd, No. 07, finished third, Kelly Mathes, No. 4, finished
fourth and Ronnie Vasser, No. 77, finished fifth.
John McElrath, No. 63, from Asheville led every lap to win the
Renegade V-8 event. Travis Smith, No. 77, crossed the line a strong
second but was disqualified when his car was found to be 25 lbs light at
post race inspection. Cody Cook, No. 2, was awarded second. Harvey
Kincaid, No. 5, finished third. Bobby Monrow, No. 19, finished fourth.
Ryan Shemate, No. 7, rounded out the top five.
Trent Chatham, No. 9, from Taylorsville led flag to flag easily
winning the Super Stock Four race. Trevor Chatham, No. 00, outbattled
Richard Vasser, No. 74, and Steve Annas, No. 7A, for second. Vasser
finished a strong third with Annas right behind in fourth. Ed Brittain,
No. 57, finished fifth.
Richard Vasser, No. 8, from Morganton led the entire event
taking home the victory in the Pure Stock Four race. Duke Bare, No. 10,
came from deep in the pack to finish second. Josh Holden, No. 71,
finished third. JW Hicks, No. 15, moved up from the Young Guns and
finished a respectable fourth. Jeff Parsons, No. NC4, overcame a couple
of midrace cautions to finish fifth.
Jacob Carver, No. J15, from Asheville took home the victory in
the Young Guns event. AJ Parsons, No. NC4, finished second. Pie Short,
No. 10, finished third and Austin Hildebran, No. 1, finished fourth.

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