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March Madness at Carolina Speedway
Mooresville, NC (March 30, 2008) – Johnny Pursley showed superiority at the famed 3/10th mile clay oval located just outside of Charlotte in Gastonia, NC in Friday nights late model event.
Pursley, a Clover, SC native,  jumped in front of the field early and on each restart commanding the respect the young Pursley earned on the track last year.  Living up to the reputation of his father young Johnny stepped into the gas and never looked back.  Tim Allen took a peak on the inside of the local race hero; however, he had to settle for second.
1. Johnny Pursley 2. Tim Allen 3. Trey Baucom 4. Billy Thompson 5. Dan Shellhouse 6. Mike Plummer
7. Jerry O’Neil
In City Chevrolet late model action the crates took the track by strom.  The elder John Pursley passed his way to first spot as pole starter Chris Steele became a Pursley-Timbo Mangum sandwich.  Steele lifted allowing his hungry competitors to enter the first turn two wide.  Steele clearly had no intention of ending his night on the first lap.  Timbo Mangum came out of the turn in front and held his position firmly until he and rival Pursley caught up to lapped traffic.  Pursley asserted his years of racing wisdom and expertly weaved through the traffic taking the lead and he didn’t slow down until the checkers flew high in the air.
1. John Pursley 2. Timbo Mangum 3. Chris Steele 4. Colt Gilliam 5. David Lindsey 6. Greg Barker
7. Luke Fox 8. Johnathan Edwards 9. Whitney Long 10. Teddy Musgraves Jr.
    Street stocks brought about excitement as Timbo Mangum pulled double-duty.  Ben Watkins was able to finish on top with Mangum not far behind.
1. Ben Watkins 2. Timbo Mangum 3. Frankie McGuire 4. David Carswell 5. Jamie McCombs
6. Ronald Pope 7. Eric Thompson 8. Frank Cooke 9. Dave Knight 10. A.J. Cable 11. Bryan Robinson
12. Robbie Louthan 13. Greg Jenkins
    The Renegades were all wound up when the hit the track.  Shorty Lacey reigned supreme as he was able to out pilot Alex Dipietro and Chris Stowe.
1. Shorty Lacey 2. Alex Dipietro 3. Chris Stowe 4. Steve Stephens 5. Patrick Lyon 6. Jeff Onley
7. Stan Parrish 8. Ray Tapp 9. Chester Thomas 10. Bill Harvey 11. Todd Bolin 12. Kurt Small
13. Paul Sparrow 14. Robbie Hudspeth 15. Drew McCullough
    Jerry Oliver pulled double-duty winning in the stock four class followed by Tommy Stang and Berry Fuller.
            1. Jerry Oliver 2. Tommy Stang 3. Berry Fuller 4. Jamie Renegar 5. Shannon Barnhill 6. Adam Vandiver
In the pure stock four class Brian Nufer crossed the stripe first followed by Travis Caviness and Brian                                                                                        Stang.
1. Brian Nufer 2. Travis Caviness 3. Brian Stang 4. Mitch Warlick 5. Wayne Curtis 6. Johnathan Petrea
7. Mark Flowers 8. Justin Timmons 9. Chris Cody 10. Jody Brown 11. Bobby Holden
    Come join us, Carolina Speedway will be back in action this Friday April 4th.  Look for car counts to increase as more drivers now have their machines expertly crafted and race ready.  Carolina Speedway is a family track with admission just $12.00 for adults and children over 12.  Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. with hot lap action at 7:15 p.m.

Nicole Marcum

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