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From 03/09/08:

6-Cylinder SuperStock Division race: 
The #7, owned and operated by Ronnie Haynes took home the trophy. Honorable mentions go to #08 owned and operated by Gene Hammonds who finished second, #24 owned and operated by Bo Hammonds, #3 owned and operated by Jodi Haynes (what happened let your old man and your daddy beat you like a rented mule??), and #97 owned and operated by Floyd (Shakey) Gunn (bringing up the rear again Shakey.....gonna have to put another hamster under the hood!!)

In the 4-Cylinder SuperStock Division race: 
Big Danny Plyler driving the #1/3 Ford Festiva beat Bo on the last lap to take home the trophy.  Danny is bigger than the car he was driving....I am gonna have to check the rule book for weight restrictions!!!  (just kidding Danny....don't eat me!!)

In the SuperStock Truck Division: 
No Race

In the 8-Cylinder SuperStock Division: 
The #01 car owned and operated by Gene Hammonds took home the win after leading all the laps. Honorable mentions go out to 2nd place  finisher Jerry White driving his #53 car,  to #03 driven by Mic Kaltwang who finished 3rd, and Jerry (Cowboy) Melton in his #6 black Nova.   


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