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Modern Chevrolet FASTRAK late models coming to Antioch for $20,000

The Modern Chevrolet FASTRAK late model series makes it debut early this
year at Antioch Speedway for a $20,000 weekend April 12th. Great car
counts are expected as the first two FASTRAK events of the year turned
out 39 cars at Lavonia Speedway and 41 at 311 Speedway.

"I am really glad to see a FASTRAK late model race this early in the
season" said Danny Smith Promoter of Antioch. "The series had lots of
cars at both previous races and with this $20,000 weekend coming up I
think our fans will be surprised. We have some tough competitors at
Anticoch this year and I am looking forward to seeing if one of our
local heros can take home the money"!

"I think the timing is great for everyone concerned" said Doug
Gillenwater of FASTRAK. "This will be the largest track we have run at
to this point this year and that always adds some excitement. The
touring teams get two chances at gaining or losing points so things will
be exciting. I know last year we raced there later in the season and I
can assure you the fans will not believe their eyes. It's almost like
the entire series has changed. This field of drivers are some of the
best in the nation. Keeping in mind its early and the temperature is
still cool at night, the track is sure to be great and I can see side by
side racing every lap".

There are hints coming from the FASTRAK office for some sort of 'bonus
program' for all the teams that run both events that weekend. So keep
your eyes open as to what may be announced very soon.

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