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Friendship Speedway Goes Back To Dirt for 2008 and Beyond

          ELKIN, NCLay all the rumors to rest,  it is finally true, on April 26th 2008, Friendship Speedway will be going back to dirt and running on Saturday nights, running Fastrak Crates, Super Streets, Four Cylinders, and U Cars weekly. Thanks to Friendship owners, they have leased the track to Dennis Woods and Phil Hall.

          “Dennis and I couldn’t be happier over finally getting things worked out, said new Promoter Phil Hall. “We have a lot of work ahead of us but we are up for the task.  Dennis and I started working together in the mid 80’s until early 2000 racing season. This is something that Dennis and I, along with Joe Atkins who owns Tobacco Special Racing Team, who I drove for at the time, talked about numerous times on leasing a track and running special events.  In the early 2000, Dennis decided to move back to Boonville to another garage to have his parts business closer to his house. In June of 2000, I began a job that required working more therefore I could not devote the time to the racing that needed to be, so I left the Tobacco Special Racing. Today I still love to drive a race car as well as I did the first time I ever drove one. But the next best thing to driving is to promote a race track. I have never promoted a race in my life, but after 30 some years of racing, I feel like I have seen enough rights and wrongs sitting at the tracks to promote one from a driver and spectator point of view. So I will be promoting it, Dennis will handle all the paper work and financial end of it.” 

          Hall also went on to say, “There will be an 11:30 curfew.   If it is not over by around 11:15, then, it will be a green, white, and checkered and we’re going to the house. Our goal is to be finished by 11pm. That is one thing that I will try to make sure to happen. There will be a lot of special things for the fans. We will give away 1 free supper each race in the stands and the pits. We will be bringing the Super Late Model Cars in at least 10 to 12 times. Carolina Clash will be there on September 6th and possible 1 or 2 more dates. I will be talking to Ken Schrader and Dave Blaney and hopefully bring some of the NASCAR stars in at a later date. On May 24th, we will not run on Saturday night but we will be running on Monday the 26th.  We will do the same thing on July 5th and run on July 7th. We had to do it that way because Wytheville and 311 have big races already planned that weekend. Fred Brown, at Wytheville, is a good friend of mine, also the same with 311, Bobby Johns. We will not be racing against Gary and his staff at Rollin Thunder. Those Monday night races will start practice at 6:15 and practice will be limited.”

           “The races will start at 7pm sharp so everything will be over by 10pm and everyone can get home to go to work the next morning. On the Monday night races, we will hopefully be bringing back the train races that everyone likes so much. Dennis and I are hoping that dirt track fans, drivers and crews, will come out and support us on opening night. Parking places up on the hill will go on sale March 19th. Also, we will start selling billboards on the 19th. Anyone wanting to sponsor a race or pole position, halfway leader, hard luck, can contact us. Anyone who sponsors a race will receive 4 free VIP passes for the booth. We will appreciate all the sponsors and billboards that we can get. We are also looking for sponsors for each division. If anyone is interested in testing the track will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. In closing, Dennis, the staff, and I would like to thank Gray Coble, Scott Rigney, David Taylor, Lee Lee, Larry Long & Clint Elkins. We also want to thank Dobson Trucking, Moody Enterprises, and Nathan Hall Clearing and Grading as we prepare to bring the dirt back to life. We hope that all the car owners, drivers, and sponsors will come and help make this first year back on dirt a successful season,” said Hall. 

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  • Fastrak Late Models will run Fastrak Rules.
  • Street Stock, 4 Cylinders and U cars will run the same rules as Rolling Thunder Speedway in Ararat, Virginia.
  • Our Tech Man will be Jason Smoot. Call Jason after 7pm at 336-981-4148. Anyone wanting to run the Train race on Memorial Day please contact Jason and let him know.
  • Anyone wanting to sponsor a race or a billboard, or buy a parking place, call Dennis Wood at 336-244-5278 or Phil Hall at 336-401-2051.
  • Our website will be up and running in a few days. Anyone wanting to contact us can do so at  anytime.




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