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We're putting MORE MONEY on the line... WE'RE EXCITED!!!

NEWS FLASH: Special Announcement!!
We were really excited to see such a great turnout this past weekend that we are looking for more...
we are putting up additional money in every classes purse if the turn out is as such;
12 or more cars in L.M = $500 added to the purse!
12 or more O.W.M. = $400 added to the purse!
12 or more Super Street = $300 added to the purse!
15 or more UCAR = $100 added to the purse!
(We had atleast this many this past weekend so it shouldn't be a problem
to see more money in your envelopes this weekend!)
~ Attention "Mighty Bull Ring" Dirt Racing Fans! ~
Tell your friends and have your friends tell their friends and bring there whole family, we promise that as spectators you are in for a show with some of the best racers to take the track known as
"The Mighty Bull Ring".
You'll be telling all your friends on Monday!!!

Go to for more info.


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