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ALTAMAHAW, N.C.  Fans got to enjoy one of the best Late Model Stock races of the year at Ace Speedway Friday night. Longtime competitor Dean Fogleman captured his first win in his 18 year racing career by fending off the fast cars of Robert Turner, Jason York, Speedy Faucette and Rodney Cook. It was an action filled 100 lap Late Model event with multiple leaders. Speedy Faucette of Mebane lead from lap 1 thru lap 74. Jason York from Reidsville took the lead on lap 75 and led until lap 84. On lap 85 Burlington's Robert Turner took the lead and led until lap 94 when Dean Fogleman of Burlington took the lead and held on until the finish.


The 25 lap Modified race Richard Bailey of Mebane won his first race in the division in more than 12 years. Josh Nichols of Cleveland, NC finished in the second position with Burlington's Gary Young, Jr. taking the third place spot.


John Moore of Pelham won the Limited Sportsman Division. It was his second straight win. Bobby Griffin of Eden and Ziggy Zimmerman of Burlington rounded out the top three.


The Mini Stock event was won by A. J. Sanders of Mocksville. A.J. overcame a black-flag penalty in a come from the back victory. It was A. J.'s second consecutive win. Jason Cook of Mebane captured second with Mike Herron taking third after the disallowed finish of Paul Wark after Paul refused a protest on his car.


Other winners Friday night were Burlington's Jerry Kernodle and Robbie Church of Greensboro in twin Xtreme events and Elon's Ed Peters winning in the twin Southeast Mini Cup division.


Below are the finishes from tonight:












Ace Speedway

ALTAMAHAW Here are Friday night's results:

Late Models (100 laps): Dean Fogleman, Robert Turner, Jason York, Scotty

Warren, Speedy Faucette, Brad Kurth, Jason Payne, Jesse Ingle III, Dustin

Rumley, Dane Rudolph, Mike Bledsole, R.D. Smith, Rodney Cook.

Modifieds (25 laps): Richard Bailey, Josh Nichols, Gary Young Jr., Thomas

Scott, Roy Cook, Randy Butner, Don Cook, Brad Allen, Ronnie Austin, Larry

Cook, Phil Bryant, Richard Thomas.

Limited Sportsman (25 laps): John Moore, Bobby Griffin, Ziggy Zimmerman,

Josh Lowder, Kevan Combs, Robert Zook, Bob Goff, Ryan Gray, Daryl Carver,

Brent Coleman.

Mini Stocks (20 laps): A.J. Sanders, Jason Cook, Mike Herron, Mark

Wilburn, Chris Breedlove, Sam Horner, Brian Roland, Michael Tucker,

Bradley Hayes, Andrew Sanders, Chad Sykes, Jamie Orange, Phil Wark.

First X-treme Cars race (15 laps): Jerry Kernodle, Keith Brame Jr.,

Michael Neal, Floyd Edgley, Harold Jefferson, Drew Hopkins, Scott Kirkman,

Richard Placer, William Jones, David Fortner, Donald Jarvis.

Second X-treme Cars race (15 laps): Robbie Church, Keith Spake, Sandy

Edgley, Scott Bess, Jeremy Crouch, Michael Myrick, Roger Brannon, David

Small, Gene Myrick, Harold Jones, Spence Brentley.

First Southeast Mini Cups race (20 laps): Ed Peters, Justin Newlin, Robert

Hamilton, Whitney Clifton, Duke Furr, Doug Barnes, David Morrison, Robert

Giles, Wade Fogleman, Josh Turner.

Second Southeast Mini Cups race (20 laps): Ed Peters, Josh Turner, Whitney

Clifton, Duke Furr, Heath Causey, David Morrison, Wade Fogleman, Robert

Giles, Robert Hamilton.

Late Models qualifying: Speedy Faucette 15.765, Jason York 15.784, Dean

Fogleman 15.838, Brad Kurth 15.867, Dustin Rumley 15.945, Scotty Warren

15.955, Robert Turner 15.964, R.D. Smith 16.011, Rodney Cook 16.075, Jason

Payne 16.112, Dane Rudolph 16.124, Joseph Tucker 16.171, Jesse Ingle III

16.182, Mike Bledsole 17.061.

Modifieds qualifying: Richard Bailey 15.834, Brad Allen 15.874, Josh

Nichols 15.936, Gary Young Jr. 15.996, Randy Butner 16.057, Roy Cook

16.132, Thomas Scott 16.220, Don Cook 16.337, Phil Bryant 16.382, Ronnie

Austin 16.483, Richard Thomas 16.543, Larry Cook 17.035.




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