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Bob Memmer Loved Racing


Bob Memmer loved racing. He was not in it for the money. He built a great thing for racers and promoters. We all forget that with out promoters we could not race. We give them hell and know every move they should make, but what  most of us forget is that they LuvRacin racing to.  Not only do they LuvRacin but they put their money where there mouth is.


Now we have some this  Boundless has came into the sport. They know money. The have a lot of great ideas that if they pull off will take the  dirt end of the sport we all love so much to higher level.


I  have knew Bob Sargent before he promoted his first race. He started at my home track of Macon Il.  I raced with sprint cars with  Kenny Schrader at the old Lil Springfield.  I trust these guys to do good things for racing. Bob Memmer trusted these guys with what he spent his life building. Why donít you?



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